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This is what I do to shorten some of my cables.     I know some people hate this method but I haven't had a problem.  For some of my other cables, I use velcro straps.  They're reusable and softer than zip ties.
Nope.  The V-80s are M-80s with True Blood trim.
I use Klipsch tips with my Etys.  This allows for deeper insertion which improves bass and keeps them warm in cold weather.
Nothing lasts forever.  
Klipsch tips are too small but MEElectronics tips fit.
Prince should have been ranked a lot higher.     Billy Corgan didn't even make the list.      
Since I've joined Head-Fi, I've gotten stuff for free.
Westone pins are slightly longer (about a millimeter) but gauge and placement are the same.   According to Comply, MEElectronics and UE TF10 have the same size nozzle.   (click to embiggen)   I just did a quick test with my UE SuperFi 3.  I used them with a Westone cable and MEElectroncs small triple-flanged tips.  EQ was the same but isolation was better and they were more comfortable.
MEElectronics makes silicone tips that fit.   As for the cables, try Westone.  They're more durable than UEs and are available in 2 different lengths and 4 colors.
Brookstone has a 20% off coupon that's good til 12/31. Coupon Code: 20BUY
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