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I use Klipsch tips with my Etys.  They're more comfortable than the Complys and improve the sound quality.
My brother-in-law gave me the gift of repairing my Zune.  He works at an electronics company so he can get the parts at a reasonable price.
Here's the TinyEar product page.
Groupon has the Audio Technica ATH-ANC27 for $49.
AW Audio sells Etymotic Shure cable adapters for $34 plus shipping.   Pair your Etys with one of Shure's mic-ed cables.
Try changing the tips first.  I use Klipsch double-flange tips with my Etys.   They can be inserted deeper into the ear canal, resulting in much stronger bass.
Got mine today.   Burning them in right now.
  MEElectronics tips fit.  
Trent Reznor's wife trying to sing Bryan Ferry's "Is Your Love Strong Enough?".
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