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Etymotic won't fix your headphones but will send a new pair if they're under warranty.  For out-of-warranty phones, there's a program where you can buy a new pair at a discount.
  Second this.  I used to listen to music on minidisc and this was how I converted all my files.
There are 2 companies that make double-flange tips that will fit Etys.   Futuresonic: 3 pairs for $12 small, medium and large   Klipsch: 4 pairs for $13.99 small and large Klipsch tips run small so Futuresonics might be a better fit for you.
Check out   Audacity is a free audio editing program that has versions for Windows and Mac.   You don't need a USB turntable.  A better option is the ART USB Phono Plus preamp.  It turns almost any turntable into a USB turntable.    
The regular prices are:   Ety 4Rp - $300 Shure  SE420 - $400 UE $700 - $150   I'd go with either the Etys or the Shures.  Shures are more comfortable and have more bass.  Etys are the most detailed IEMs available.  They're even better than most multi-driver customs.  You can improve the bass by changing the tips.  I use Klipsch tips but the most popular kind are the Shure olives.   Unlike other Shures in its price range, the SE420s don't have detachable...
From ArsTechnica:    
You act like this when people mess with your equipment.  
Nobody leaves this place without singing the blues.  
  MEElectronics tips for the M6 fit beautifully and they're stupid cheap.    
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