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Go to   It's a part of , a minidisc information website that's been around for over twenty years.  You'll have to sign up for an account but you only need an email address and it's free.
Starting on Friday March 18, there's going to be an estate sale in Naperville where there's going to be a lot of vacuum tubes available. More info here:  
Someone at Sennheiser must be a big Harry Potter fan because Matt Lewis (Neville Longbottom) got a free listen.  
Here's a bunch of glamour shots via Wired (                            
 I have those.  I had to wrap some black duct tape around the adapters to keep the cable from popping off.  No, these. 
Etymotic will replace the broken driver for $80.  Even with the high shipping, it's still a good deal.  Also, changing tips can improve the bass.  I use Klipsch tips with mine.  Shure olives are also very popular.
I think the i-Fuzen is manufactured by the same company that makes the V-Moda vamp.
i.Fuzen HP-1 iPhone 4/4S Headphone Amplifier, Extended Battery & Protective Case on sale for $19.99 plus free shipping (U.S. only)  
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