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Payment sent, Thanks!
PM Sent
Double post, not sure how to delete a post.
Payment sent, waiting to hear back...
I own that D2000's and have never really got why people classify them as bassy headphones. They have good bass and can get pretty low, but I think they represent the bass in a track pretty accurately.
I like the Beats, personally, they are just over priced. That being said, I think they look good but I don't like the all-plastic build. I've seen so many in stores that were cracked from people trying them.   I'm also pretty sure there are some headphones from some of the other top guys that are just as overpriced for what you get in actuality, especially if you buy them in a brick and mortar.
I have similar musical tastes and the Denon D2000 has been kind to me so far. I have an amp now but they sounded fine right of my iMac and iPhone 3G. In fact I did part of my break-in on an iPod Mini and even on those they sounded pretty decent. They aren't particularly portable though.
Completely off topic, but what cam and lens did you use for these pics?   Good luck with the sale.
I'm powering my D2k's off a Maverick D1 right now and think they sound great, brand new the D1 is 200 bucks and acts as both a DAC and an AMP. I can't really bring myself to pay a thousand bucks for the sake of headphone listening, but more power to those that do.
Yeah, that's the only thing holding me back... they could easily be fakes.     Return Policy:   # RETURNS: # You must contact us for return authorization and address before any returns or exchanges. # We offer a 30-day money back guarantee from date of purchase. Shipping charges are non-refundable. # All items come with full manufacturer’s warranty. If an item seems defective please contact the manufacturer’s customer support first to confirm this. # Please contact us to...
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