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E10K is available in in U.S right now. and E11K will launch market in Aug too. and we are working in the E12IEM version and some other new amps includes ALPEN II ( E17K ), QIGORY II ( E09S) .  
yes, there are some fake E6s in the market, but you can check it in our official website to see whether it is fake or not.
 sorry, this will be fixed in the new firmware, you can also upgrade with the beta firmware in here:
 thing change when time go on. 
 the price will keep the same as E11, and the output power is bigger than E11
 of course we don't mind! btw, X1 may supports custom wall paper. and we will add this feature in x5 too in the future. 
 sure, silicon case is included in the box.
 the 1/4 inch jack is too big and too thick for X7, but we will try whether we can solve this problem and control the thickness at the same time. 
 yes, 7 hardware bottoms
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