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 in X5, the DSD signal converted to PCM signal and send to PCM1792A. it is nothing about the volume control. plz remember that some DAC chip do includes a hardware volume control inside the chip. 
  quite difficult to explained in by couples word. but we are very very busy right now. 
 ha, maybe!
 so cool!
 OK, let's do it 
 Should we release a silver E11K for the silver X1 ? :)
 you can register your FiiO device in our official website, I will ask Joe to make a short introduction about this!
 maybe in June. but it is too early to tell the ETA.  BTW, we may only sell to our old customer when we have not enough stock. and the old customer may get special discount for the X7. there are couples reason for this. 1, It is a special feedback to our royal customer who supported us in the past. 2, the old customer know well about our style, they know what they will get and what we will bring to them. to them FiiO is a brand they can trust. 3, It is a common situation...
 to be honest, there are not any international standard about what is native DSD, please tell me if there are.  I will like to call the native DSD supported is the signal is DSD when it is transfer into the DAC chip. 
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