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 everything is possible but it is not depended on us.
  in 30 days 
I am sorry that the new firmware still can't meet our expactation .  plz wait more time so we can release a total new firmware which based on Android 5.0 and we will also add some new theme, APT-X  support in the future.    but this new firmware is a big work and  is total new structure . but after that we should have the ability to response bugs fix in short time. 
  I think the airpod can only works with iPhone
  All the LO of  FiiO's products are real line out which bypass the amp section . and the volume control is by the DAC chip or the Soc. 
 sorry not , the transfer speed is too slow to do that. 
  1,X3III, X5III will pop up when they should be. but you guys can should know well that we will update our old model after 18- 24 months. and will be shorter in the future cause the competition is too hard now. 2,   The UI/UE is still almos the same but the firmware is total different cause the old X1/X3/X5 is based on ucos but new X1 is based on linux . 3,   Sorry, I have not heard anything about the battery warning issue, plz give me a link but there are not noticeable...
  we will try our best to keep provide the best product and service to our user.
 yes. there are not best sound but there are best sound for each one. I am very happy that you love the sound of X1.
In 1993, I spent RMB1200 in a walkman which was almost one year's salary . now the annual salary for a employment of graduates in our company, is about RMB100,000 ( almost  USD15,000). LOL,    so even AK/SONY are more cheaper than before.      of course, it is our pleasure to bring some good DAP at good price. 
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