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  sorry, the MFi change everything so we have to restart now, the detail has not decided yet cause we have not start from the ID. but basiclly it will use XMOS chip as USB receiver and we may change to AKM DAC chip , cause it can supports DSD and 384/32.
Now we are applying the design from Apple, but there may have some change. let's wait the result from Apple so we can know what kind of product we can make.     BTW, we change the  model name to i3 now.
  Thanks, it is not easy to us but finally. 
    Sorry, there are not new E17K but change to Q3. and yes, the optical input will added to Q3. 
   Sure, we are quite busy right now, but we will open the box when the time is right so you guys know what happenned inside FiiO. BTW, this project is on the way. 
The future of FiiO's AMP&DAC --Written on the day when FiiO passed the MFi Certification Program Dear Respected Head-Fi Members, Words could not express my appreciation to you. The Portable Headphone Amplifier section is where FiiO takes off. In this lovely forum, I spent a large amount of time communicating with you and got numerous ideas, inspiration and help from you. To be honest, we wouldn't be able to design and produce so many fantastic products to share with all...
nice review , thanks Mark !   In fact ,we try to make more and more people become head-fi'er. so we can sell more X series when they jump into this  ! also it will a good toy for audiophiles as their second DAP. 
 not, it is too complex and also you need to consider we wil lhave to make it has the same shape as X7 . that will make it bigger than we expected. 
 that will be the job for our new X series but not for this
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