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 not, you can send an email to , maybe they can help you.
 maybe when we update it in next year or maybe early.
  the muses01/02 need very high voltage supply and too expensive to the new X3. 
 The standard X7 will come with IEM amp module. and we will sell other module at very reasonable price. 
 $699 with an IEM module. and we will see amp module at very reasonable price. so it is not a big problem to our customer. and I think there are not similar DAP at this price .
 yes, that is the point. I heard that Astell&Kern got a lots of RMA because the 2.5mm balanced headphone out, cause some user try to plug their 3.5mm headphone into the 2.5mm headphone socket. 
Very sorry, we are busy in the manufacturing of X1 and our worker will have a long long holiday for the Chinese New Year ( from 1st, Feb to 15st, March ) so it is impossible to produce the new X3 in the coming soon.    BTW, in fact, we have produce 200 unit for testing, marketing , so the test tour will start from March.
 I can see there will have lots of people why their headphone sound strange when plug into the balanced TRRS socket.
 In Windows OS, you need to install a driver . but in Mac OS, it is plug and play. 
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