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 how can you collected so many sound tracks 
 Sorry the driver is develop by an Germany company and we paid the licence fee to them, we will ask them to fix this issues.
  yes, only one version and the inline remote works great in our X1II/X5III 
We had only shipped very few EX1(II) to our sales agents but now we just start ship more and should be available in everywhere now. 
  if you have a balanced headphones and the headphone jack is 2.5mm TRRS, you can used a 2.5 - 3.5 adapter so you can use it in other DAPs, headphone Amps which has standard 3.5mm headphones out.  but for traditional headphones with 3.5mm jack, it is impossible to change it to 2.5mm balanced  jack cause the balanced 2.5mm headphone jack includes 4 wire.
 sorry this is the first report of such issue, plz help us reset the X5III  ( press the power button for about 15 seconds )
  I have not idea why our UI designer choose that. 
here is two new theme for FiiO music App in the future.     
 the problem should be solve in short time and sorry for the delay. 
 sorry, the shipment meet some problem in the Customs so we have to reship again.  and we don't expect there are so many order for the X5III but we already try our best to produce enough stock for our agents. BTW, we still have not enough worker cause the CNY. 
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