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 it is quite complex about this issues. but I believe this is one of the important reason Apple never installed a SD/Micro SD card slot in their iphone. 
  you are right, the most important thing is it should be work fine but not look fine or easy to use. I heard that some people used 3.5 plug and try to plug into the 2.5 socket and damaged the socket. 
 Maybe, but I guess it should be . now we have an exclusive distributor in Canada , so there will have more marketing promotion and also we will send someone to the show. 
 we have made some balanced cable which one side is MMCX and one side is EIAJ RC-5204 ( RSA ). and sorry we can change the design cause the size limited the orientation of the balanced socket. 
 After the show in Guangzhou, we will present some show in other country , one is the show in Toronto, Canada. we will contact our agents to see how can we arrange more demo unit. 
 below is our plan: trial production: 200pcs, for review and tour, and all kinds of testing. first batch: 500pcs, 100 for our VIP customer in China, 400 for customers who registered in our website.  second batch: 1500pcs, only for China in case there are any quality issuces need to recall. of course, I don't think we need to do that. but it is our first DAP based on Android and it is too complex. and too many new features, new techincal and new components.  the thrist...
please keep patience and we will update any news we have. now we are produce 100 pcs X7 and so far so good.  and our target is delivery 100 pcs for our VIP user in China first at the end of next month. we have not take care about this new baby and step by step. to make sure   everything is almost perfect.   . 
  What did you means? you are calling me . we can do it ourself if there are any music file which cause any problems.
New Posts  All Forums: