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nice review , thanks Mark !   In fact ,we try to make more and more people become head-fi'er. so we can sell more X series when they jump into this  ! also it will a good toy for audiophiles as their second DAP. 
 not, it is too complex and also you need to consider we wil lhave to make it has the same shape as X7 . that will make it bigger than we expected. 
 that will be the job for our new X series but not for this
  yes, I knew the issues so this will based on linux and we will have a total new platform for this project. otherwise we will not dare to design it. of course it take time. 
Sorry it is my fault but let's stop the discussion about the name
We may put this project in Indiegogo, and the target is 10,000 pcs or 2,000,000usd, I think this maybe too crazy :( 
 sure, we will design a new K5 with Type c connector .
  Yes, I have changed the title for this thread, people can regard T3 as DAP which born for bundle but also a decent DAP. 
 thank you very much for sharing with us and you can show it to your friend so more people can enjoy it. anyway, we are so happy that our users love our products. 
About the Q1 worked as DAC for Android phone, there are too complex, it maybe App issues or it maybe firmware issues . that is why we can't promised and advertised it can worked for Android phone. 
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