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  yes, but only work as amp for iPC
  thanks! we will see how the market change when iPhone7 finally remove the 3.5mm headphone jack !
  yes, lots of  people will have to buy a portable DAC/amp so they can still use their IE800/SE846/K3K3 with their iphone7. the LAM is limited in 48K/16BIT so the performance is hard to compete with Q5
good news is that Apple finally allow us to design and sell Q5 with USB-Lightning interface so Q5 can support 192/24 and DSD with iPhone. 
dual AK4490
new UI, need more feedback .               
  yes, that is the problem. and I can see this sub forum are losting people.
 it share the amp modules with our X7 so the USB in is on the bottom.  another USB in is for power in . 
  but we can't make the DAC/AMP similar with SONY PHA-2/3 which can supports 192/24 and DSD with iPhone. 
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