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 of course.
here is the new theme for X1 by our new UI designer, he need some feedback cause he is not sure what kind of UI will you like !                    
BTW, APPLE now asked all MFi products must includes a LAM ( lightning audio module ) , remote control keys and microphone if it has headphone out jack. it means that there will have not similar products like the SONY PHA-1/2/3 in the future.     too sad. 
 in fact, some of our amp, amp/dac are powerful enough to drive some 300 ohms headphone but we think it is better not to write it on the user manual and the website. 
 sorry not , the size is too small to install a analog volume pot 
 sorry not yet. the T3 will be share some design with our other DAP but of course focus on different people. BTW, the AK70 looks like another decent transport too. 
now we have fall in trouble in how to manage so many amp module.  so plz understand us if there are some special modules are not in stock.
 not yet, but it should similar with am2. the first batch will be 200pcs and ETA is the end of next month.
 hi, you can try to restart the X7 to see if it can help. or you can email to support@fiio.net for any help.   BTW, I have never heard this issues before and it seems like a firmware bugs.
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