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 sorry not yet. the T3 will be share some design with our other DAP but of course focus on different people. BTW, the AK70 looks like another decent transport too. 
now we have fall in trouble in how to manage so many amp module.  so plz understand us if there are some special modules are not in stock.
 not yet, but it should similar with am2. the first batch will be 200pcs and ETA is the end of next month.
 hi, you can try to restart the X7 to see if it can help. or you can email to support@fiio.net for any help.   BTW, I have never heard this issues before and it seems like a firmware bugs.
 why just wait till we open the box ? 
  just set the output to line out and set to max volume ( if your is the lastest firmware ),  btw, the 6 or 7 volume does not mean the output is not engouh, all our products will puch the max power at max volume without distortion.
 thanks for your support and glad to see you enjoy it. anyway, it is not as good as we hope but it is also not bad. we will see what will happen in the future .
 sorry the firmware was not developed by other company and they can't provide the tool now.
 usually we will support the universal standard . and seems we already have too many audio format. 
 now we named this as " i1 " and it will output audio signal from a 3.5mm socket so of course it can connect to E17k's aux in . but it can't make the e17 works as DAC for iDevice.
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