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Me too.. I'm surprised by the lack of impressions.  If I didn't have a custom CTH coming, a Valhalla 2/HD650/HD800 combo would be at the top of my list.
I've found a way to safely toggle the Awesomefier if you're using the GO's analog volume control (if you're using the digital volume control, it's not an issue).  For those unaware, here's some background of the problem:   When a user disconnects/connects the GO to their computer, the digital volume control (the slider on the left side of the LH Control Panel.. which is linked to the physical buttons on the GO) sets itself to MAX volume regardless of the level before the...
Sorry to go slightly off topic here.. but can V4A be used with streaming services (Google Play All Access, Spotify, MOG/Beats Music, etc.)?
For sale is my terrific Beresford Bushmaster TC-7533 MKII DAC/amp.  We've had some discussion of this excellent DAC here.  This DAC is renowned for exceptionally low noise.. so expect terrific clarity and resolving ability.  My BM was purchased (directly from Beresford) near the beginning of this year, so it includes all upgrades to the TC-7533 MKII's headphone section (the Venom upgrade).  It's in mint condition and I'm the sole owner.  It comes with all original...
Great to hear the H8P sounds so good with hip hop, tupac (thanks for you ongoing impressions.. keep 'em coming).. I'm a big hip hop fan (a lot of indie & instrumental stuff.. and more progressive stuff as well).. so this bodes well for my H8P that's being engineered by Piotr.
My FocusPads-A came in today.  Ordered late last week.. return address shows HFM's Indiana (or Illinois?.. I can't remember.) warehouse/location/dorm room/secret lair/whatever..    As you can see below, these FocusPads-A are symmetrical.  For me.. it appears the hoo ha over the (pre-production vs production) pad opening was just that: a lot of unwarranted consternation.  As someone whose ears are probably slightly larger than (the) average (American.. I'm East Indian), I...
Has it been confirmed if (or if not) the VSD3/S employs a bio-cellulose diaphragm?
  How does such a statement go unpunished?  In all seriousness.. this meet looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. I'd hand deliver my Slants to Theo if I could.. just so we could chop up college football over a beer or 20 (I'm an ENORMOUS college football fan (and an Oregon State Beaver alum, too).. PAC 12 BABY!  hahaha)..
Gorgeous, Darin!
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