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 You got it, Stuart.. I think I heard that very last bit of refinement get realized in the last 50 (out of 100 total) hours or so.. I'm not a burn-in fanatic, in the least.. but I've (subjectively) noticed varying degrees of change in most all my head-fi related gear (namely DACs, amps, and IEMs) with use.. the H10 probably changed the most out of all that I've owned.. I'm still pretty surprised.  What I hear now is a distinguishably more elegant, smoother, more spacious,...
 Yep.. sounds about right.. LOL.  Let'r cook for a bit. ..and your jack definitely seems defective.. all my phones insert fully and I have no imbalance issues.
I'd be very interested to hear the X10 cause I wonder how they'd implement the 9018.. it's a great chip in terms of resolving ability.. but in most all the implementations I've heard, it's always exhibited a certain glare (commonly referred to as the "Sabre glare").. considering how well engineered the H10 is, I'd bet their 9018 implementation would be something worth taking a gamble on.  I was close to ordering the X9, though.. I like the WM8741 chip.. and I think in...
Please let me know if you have a pair (with all accessories) to sell.
 DAMN!  I was going to buy them.. it's a shame I still haven't heard the ROCKETS.  So.. if someone has a pair they'd like to sell, holla.  Is putting up a want ad in the FS forum the best way to go, then?
 The Harmony is more technically adept, IME.. the UERM is, of course, more neutral/transparent.
 I've been on the lookout for the same.. and while I've owned some monitors that are more technically adept (in terms of soundstage, extension, layering).. there's really nothing I've heard (yet) that can match the linearity and transparency of the UERM.  Part of me wants to find the successor to the UERM.. but the other part of me likes that I haven't found it.. b/c the UERM is flat out awesome and I don't want to sell it.  The Legend is quite attractive to me, as well.....
  I really don't need another IEM.. especially a "neutral" leaning one.. but this one interests me a lot.. and for the price, it seems like a fairly safe gamble. Yep.. I have been known to go by Johnny.. only on the weekends!   
 The specs (listed on the first post in this thread) indicates a damping factor of greater than 400x at 50 ohms.. so at least 0.125 ohms.
 I've had the GR07 CE for a few months.. I've owned both the MKI & MKII in the past (awhile ago.. but I had each of them for a long time).  To my ears, the CE is the best of the three versions.. it possesses a deeper stage, better dynamics, and the upper mids are much smoother and less peaky (the upper mid spike is noticeably less present on the CE than it was on the MKI or MKII).  It's about as close to the HD650 (latest silver screened-driver) signature as I've heard.
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