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SOLD.. and thank you @Liu Junyuan for the compliment !
Updated listing:  I've decided to include all accessories for free.  
In mint condition.  I am the only/original owner.  My Geek Out V2+Infinity has the most recently updated plastic frame that's significantly sturdier (than the brittle resin frame of the earlier version)!  It also has the most recent firmware update (1.50).  I believe some internal components have been upgraded, as well.   I have some useful accessories I'll be including with the V2+ Infinity for free:   - LHLabs OTG cable (6" / micro-B to micro-B).  MSRP is $50.   -...
 Did you plug it into a different USB port than the last port (which had the volume turned down) ?
Pictures added.
It's looking like something a little less isolating (i.e. an over/on-ear headphone) would better suit my work commute (I don't need quite the isolation a custom IEM offers).. so I need to, sadly, part with this wonderful IEM.  It's exceptionally neutral, very dynamic, and possesses terrific resolution.  I've had the Apollo-X custom IEM from EE and in many ways, I liked this custom Spartan-IV more when it came to reference tuning, balance, and cohesion.  I also preferred...
 I've given DSD plenty of spin.. on plenty of nice gear.. it's just not worth. the. hassle, IME.  I can tell the difference between lossy & lossless rips.  I've owned the HD800 three times.. and heard it off plenty of great rigs.. so I know what it's capable of resolving. Also.. Schiit's made their very well-reasoned position on DSD very very clear.. why are DSD fanboys still asking?
Every time someone mentions DSD in this thread.. Mike M. kills a $30 multibit DAC that's fully differential, fits in your pocket, and achieves 95% of the Yggy's SQ.   So... keep it up, dummies.   For real though.. screw DSD.  What a waste of time.  You DSD fanboys have an assload of whiz-bang DSD DACs to chase down these days, right?  The rest of us can enjoy 'pedestrian' FLAC catalogues and whatnot on sweet sounding Schiit MB while you're adding another HDD to your...
I can definitely see why it's recommended for rock lovers.. The Spartan possesses excellent micro and macro dynamics (it belies what one might typically expect from a quad driver in this regard). The clean, fast, crisp attack coupled with accurate timbre and perfectly balanced note weight makes it a match made in heaven for guitar distortion and other rock elements.I listen to a really wide variety of music.. But primarily (indie) hip hop (both instrumental and vocal),...
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