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 I'd have to disagree with you there.Anyway, thanks for the suggestions guys. I picked up an almost-new pair of TF10s for a bargain price, so I'll give them a go and if they don't work out I'll start going through the list above!
  I've heard bad things about the comfort of those?  I also didn't find the Westones very comfortable.
Hi guys   My JH13s need to go back to the USA for repair, so I need to get something to use while they're away.   I've previously had Etymotic ER4Ps (not enough bass) and Westone 3s (too shrill/unnatural sounding).   I'm looking to spend as little as possible, but don't want to have to put up with poor sound quality.  At a push I can go up to £200 but something under £100 would be ideal.   Any recommendations?   Thanks Chez
Thanks, but the dacport is almost useless to me, as the main features I need are optical and line in, as i can use optical for both my laptop and airport express and line for my iphone.  USB input and iphone digital input are nice to have, but not essential.
I'm looking to buy an all-in-one DAC & Amp, but need a few specific features and wondered if those more knowledgeable than myself could help me get together a shortlist.   Ideally, I need something with USB input for use with my laptop (although I have optical out so not a deal-breaker if not), optical digital in and line-out for use with an Airport Express (for output to a pair of AudioEngine A5 active speakers) as well as a line in from an iPhone and it needs to be...
I use 320 VBR AAC.  I can't tell the difference between that and lossless on either my iPhone with JH13s or my home system.   it also sounds better then 320 MP3, to my ears.
Quote: Yes
I got mine on Friday and am using them straight out of an iPhone 3gs..   They are both blue, the right was meant to be red and I have fit issues with the right one (and very minor fit issues with the left), but can get a good seal if I fiddle around with them.  I'll be sending them back  for a refit though.   When I get a good seal, all I can say is WOW.   I don't see why anyone would want the JH16s.. the bass performance on the 13s is phenomenal.. not over...
Received on Friday 11th June.   unfortunately both ears are blue, the right was meant to be red.   Also, some fit issues.. I need to talk to JHA about getting this resolved.. although I can get a good fit, it's inconsistent in the right ear... but when I do.. AMAZING!
My order shipped yesterday (9th June), due for delivery in England tomorrow (11th June)
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