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Interesting. Looking forward to your thoughts on the merits of the JitterBug. 
 Amusing. I just dont understand what Sennheiser is doing with this amplifier. Their marketing plan is seriously to show this at Art Basel alongside superstar-DJ Robin Schulz? I'm beyond words. 
 Your question is more likely, "Am I crazy or does my source sound better with optical as compared to USB?" And yes, it is possible if your source has RF noise etc. and optical commonly sounds different than USB. 
I am currently evaluating the 430HAD while I have not spent enough time with the amplifier to draw any conclusions, I feel the amplifier is a good match to the HD 800 and HD 800 S headphones with the HI gain setting using the balanced XLR-4 output. However, the 430HAD may not be ideal for users looking for an emotive/immersive experience or coloration because it is so transparent. I'm still analyzing the 430HAD's level of finite information retrieval and spacial...
Several weeks ago I speculated in the HDVD 800 thread that Sennheiser likely delayed the release because of MQA. With a growing list of audio companies like PS Audio, Schiit, etc. etc. not backing MQA, I hope Sennheiser is placing the right bets. If not, they will have sacrificed 10-11 months of HDVD 800 sales and wasted engineering time, resources, and development costs on a technology that could flop. And even if MQA succeeds, it will probably be used by a very small...
This was covered earlier in the thread and most (notably in in post #243). I owned both the HD 800 (with EQ) and HD 800 S and preferred the HD 800 with classical music. However, the HD 800 S is more forgiving and more ideal for older recordings or extended listening sessions. 
"The unit I reviewed does have the Saber DAC option. This too work flawlessly and seemed right down the middle... In my day-to-day use evaluating headphones I've not felt any need for a better DAC...at all."http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/neutral-reference-headphone-amp-simaudio-moon-neo-430ha#GJX84QYyPHpyAJEW.99
None. Sennheiser has not released any more information about the HDVD800. I've been critical of Sennheiser's poor marketing and communication strategy for the HD 800 S and HDVD800 and now you can see the consternation it created among dealers and consumers. Although Sennheiser representatives are reading this thread, they seem to only reply awkwardly to a handful of posts with comments like, "awesome review" so you certainly won't get the info you need here.
Interesting. I was unable to test the 430HAD and the Hugo TT at the same time but ultimately preferred the 430HAD. The consensus across the board from experienced listeners seems to be that the 430HAD is preferred over the Hugo TT. Its also curious that Chord has never given the Hugo, Hugo TT, Mojo, or DAVE to Innerfidelity for review.  
A comparison of the 430HAD to the Hugo TT would have been ideal during Big Sound 2015. Its unfortunate that Chord did not include the Hugo TT as planned. 
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