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Interesting. Between the Hugo, Hugo TT, and Mojo, which product is most similar to DAVE? I have my own thoughts but it would be interesting to have others weigh in as well. 
The Focal Utopia is not a fair comparison to the Sennheiser HD 800 S because the Focal headphone is over 135% more expensive. To compare them simply on the basis of being flagship consumer headphones is problematic because it fails consider constraints imposed by each company for their specific sales and design goals. At $1699 the HD 800 S represents an excellent value and for that reason it should have remained on the InnerFidelity Wall of Fame.    I also feel that...
430HADs have been listed for $3600 but did not sell quickly at that price point. The 430HA retails for $800 less so a selling price around $2800 seems realistic. 
Yes, the improvement over CoreAudio is profound. Damien Plisson has been great and very responsive in helping me configure Audirvana as the hub for my audio library which has tens of thousands of albums that were initially encoded several years ago using ALAC (I have one of the largest private collections of rare and out of print classical music in the US). Roon is a fine choice as well but it does not support AudioUnit plugins for an EQ and its options to access music...
Audirvanna and Roon will provide improved sound quality. I much prefer Audirvanna for a number of reasons on a Macintosh (specifically its Audio Unit, AFP, iTunes support etc. etc.) 
Is this also true with the Hugo TT and Mojo? 
Yes, I fully understand the design of the line out used in the Hugo, Hugo TT, Mojo, and DAVE. I also understand why Rob Watts feels some transparency is lost when using another outboard amplifier-- thats what makes the Hugo TT tricky to evaluate against the Yggdrasil in a headphone system versus a two channel loudspeaker speaker system. 
The comparison is somewhat skewed because the Hugo TT includes an amplifier whereas the Yggdrasil does not. Chord maintains that some transparency is lost by using another headphone amplifier with the Hugo TT which makes the direct comparison tricky. There have been some comments about size in this thread and I suspect the Hugo TT will appeal to a different buyer because of its small footprint as an integrated unit and less so as a standalone DAC. The 2Qute is a better...
DAC/amp only.
This is a great post and your impressions are totally consistent with my own thoughts about the 430HAD, Hugo TT, and Mojo. I have been very, very impressed by the Mojo a discounted/used Hugo TT seems to be the logical progression for an integrated desktop solution (another argument for a lower cost Mojo TT). I assume the Mjolnir 2 and Gungnir Multibit is your top pick for an under $5k system? 
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