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Very motivated to sell this amplifier ASAP.
I am interested in purchasing a Burson HA-160D. Please send any leads or offers via Private Message. The seller must be located in the United States and I would prefer to complete the payment via PayPal.      Thank you. 
Pictures added to listing per requests. 
I am a longtime Head-Fi user but have not really used the site in several years because I thought I finally reached a settling point and happy medium with my audio equipment. I thought wrong and I am back and looking for an integrated amplifier with a USB DAC for my HD650 headphones which is matched to an ALO SXC 18AWG headphone cable (primary music genera is classical).  Previously I was seeking the Burson HA-160D because the consensus seemed to be that it was an...
Description  I am a longtime member and have decided to sell my PS Audio GCHA  (Gain Cell Headphone Amplifier). This unit is serial number 007 and is the earliest production version that was sold to the public. As such this version does not have a power switch, XLR/ Balanced inputs and input select switch that were introduced in late production versions of the GCHA. The amplifier is in pristine condition with no significant cosmetic blemishes or mechanical...
According to Sennheiser the individual part cost is higher than sending the headphones to their service center and pursuing the flat rate repair. Its ludicrous that Sennheiser does it this way especially on a user-replacble part.   
Absolutely. In terms of universal fit models, the ER4-S is the be all end all.    Best,  iDesign   
I have used many different headphone amplifiers, some significantly more expensive than the initial $999.00 price of the PS Audio GCHA. I have found that it works exceedingly well with Sennheiser HD 650 headphones and have enjoyed it since 2004. I own the first regular production GCHA ever built and in comparison to the example in your photographs, is quite a bit different. Early versions do not have the XLR inputs, power switch, and "Input Select"-- all of these...
The HD 600 would be ideal however, it is important to know what amplifier you will use. I own the HD 650 with the ALO SXC 18awg cable and the majority of recordings I listen to are classical (chamber/ violin) and would still opt for the HD 600. In fact, I may order the HD 600 again for their superior accuracy.    Best,  iDesign 
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