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Looking for recommendations for a portable amplifier to pair with an Red Wine Audio modified 5.5 Generation iPod and Etymotic ER4S. I am interested in hearing about options in all price ranges. 
For whatever its worth, I confirmed what dirggs describes above. I was able to duplicate the problem on both of my MacBook Pro Reina machines and it reverted to Loaded No after restarting. After I re-ran the Terminal commands, it displayed Loaded Yes but it always shows Loadable No (see below) regardless if its Loaded Yes or No. I'm also a little disappointed with Burson's customer service response.   Best,iDesign  
I was able to reproduce the issue on another machine after updating to Yosemite (the Burson driver was already installed). You are correct, Yosemite will disable the driver whenever someone updates. The Terminal commands you posted do indeed re-enable the extension. I suspect it was not an issue on the first machine because it was a clean install and the driver was installed immediately after Yosemite. Great catch. 
 I did a clean install of Yosemite and reinstalled the Burson driver and have no issues whatsoever. 
If youre interested in selling yours I would love to purchase it. Thank you
I am looking to purchase one of the USB cables that was originally supplied with Burson amplifiers.      Thank you. 
Can someone post pictures of the markings on the USB cable that was supplied with their Burson amp? Want to see who makes it for Burson.   Thank you.     PS. If you want to sell your original Burson USB cable, I want to buy it. 
The blue RCA cables Burson supplied are from Jinsanjiao (JSJ) and they are sold on Aliexpress. However, I have not seen markings on the older blue USB cables to confirm if they are the JB-USB22 USB cables made by Jinsanjiao. It also appears Burson is now shipping a black USB cable with newer amplifiers like the Conductor and I would love to see detailed photos to figure out who makes those.   Burson apparently does not...
Can someone please post pictures of the USB cables that are supplied by Burson? I would also be interested to see photos of the cables that show who manufactures them.    Thank you. 
Very motivated to sell this amplifier ASAP.
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