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I am considering replacing the headband on my HD650s due to minor cracks in the paint in the flex areas. I noticed the replacement cost is more than 1/3 the cost of the entire headphones. I have an older version of the HD650 with the black drivers and Im wondering if I should replace the hand band or purchase an all new pair with the white drivers. Thoughts? 
I'm considering purchasing the HD800 but I'm wondering if its too late? The HD800 was released in 2009 and its approaching six years old. I'm debating if I should continue to use my HD650+ALO SXC18 until the new flagship Sennheiser headphone is released. Thoughts?  
Has anyone ever compared the CypherLabs 720, ALO International+, and CEntrance HiFi-M8? How would these amplifiers be ranked in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place strictly based on performance and technical specs (not size, weight, and battery life etc.)? 
All good points, but what about with IEMs like the Etymotic ER4S? 
Im considering purchasing the Theorem 720 but I've also taken a close look at the International+. Can someone share any reasons they would opt for the Cypher Labs product over ALO's? The analog input, small size, and lower noise floor of the International+ make it very appealing. 
The HA-160D works very well with the HD-650 and I found there wasn't enough appreciable synergetic increase (synergetic is different from technical improvements) to justify making the financial investment into the Conductor Virtuoso. However, if you're considering upgrading to newer/different headphones like the HD-800 thats where the HA-160D may leave you looking at other amplifiers on the market.
Looking for recommendations for a portable amplifier to pair with an Red Wine Audio modified 5.5 Generation iPod and Etymotic ER4S. I am interested in hearing about options in all price ranges. 
For whatever its worth, I confirmed what dirggs describes above. I was able to duplicate the problem on both of my MacBook Pro Reina machines and it reverted to Loaded No after restarting. After I re-ran the Terminal commands, it displayed Loaded Yes but it always shows Loadable No (see below) regardless if its Loaded Yes or No. I'm also a little disappointed with Burson's customer service response.   Best,iDesign  
I was able to reproduce the issue on another machine after updating to Yosemite (the Burson driver was already installed). You are correct, Yosemite will disable the driver whenever someone updates. The Terminal commands you posted do indeed re-enable the extension. I suspect it was not an issue on the first machine because it was a clean install and the driver was installed immediately after Yosemite. Great catch. 
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