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 I agree and feel this is the right strategy for high-end digital audio companies to address issues of obsolescence and customer loyalty. If I were to purchase a $13,300 product, I would prefer that it is a longterm investment into a platform that could be updated for a small fee. A manufacturer like Chord also benefits because they retain the customer for a longer period of time and the product updates become a stable revenue source. I'm personally not interested in any...
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 Purely speculative, but I wonder if Sennheiser is considering MQA support for the new HDVD 800. If they are going to release a new amplifier+DAC in mid-2016, they may as well add MQA and DSD support. 
 The Chord Mojo. More about the Mojo in this 1,154+ page thread it should be a quick read. 
Thats why companies typically do not show forthcoming products too early because it stifles sales. In this case I probably would have purchased the current HDVD 800 but I decided not to when I learned about the new version. And because the delay has been so long, I am now considering ordering the Moon Neo 430HA D instead. I also will be quite disappointed to wait several more months only to learn Sennheiser makes a silly decision to increase the HDVD 800 price because of...
None. It was not announced at Munich High End yesterday nor is a prototype on display. This all but confirms what the email I received from Sennheiser GmbH stated and we will not see it for several more months.
Full text: http://hifipig.com/new-amps-for-chord-at-high-end/ http://www.avcat.jp/main/avnews/2016/04/29/chordから、hugott-向けデスクトップステレオアンプ「-ttoby-」/
I understand all the points of view on the Hugo TT pricing and I dont wish to debate it. However, I can see why there is a growing interest in a "Mojo TT" or "DAVE-ette." A more affordable version of DAVE or a Mojo in a larger desktop enclosure that is optimized (warmer and more bass) for headphones like the HD 800/S and HE1000 and without a battery and remote would be ideal. I think if Chord offered a Mojo TT or DAVE-ette it would be very successful and it allow them to...
 Completely agree. Specialized cables with microphones, airline adapters etc. etc. should be sold as accessories for the ER4XR and certainly not with the ER4SR. Neither IEM is aimed at the consumer market that wants to send/receive calls and it would be an especially bad time to invest Etymōtic's resources into making a cable with numerous new patents like #20160112787 just surfacing. 
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