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John Atkinson is a not a good journalist and I'm surprised the The Enthusiast Network has not replaced him as the editor of Sterophile. It is important to note that measurements do not always determine how a DAC will sound. The Yggdrasil and the Hugo TT are both very good DAC and you should listen to both before making a purchase.  
My jaw just dropped. I will be replacing my Mojo and placing an order for a Hugo 2 straight away. 
I hope you are not including me in this comment. I have nothing but praise for Rob Watt's efforts that have allowed me to completely rediscover the tens of thousands recordings in my library that I've spent 25+ years collecting. 
Very interesting. I wished Rob Watts was more active on HeadFi to talk about his achievements with Hugo2's filters in relation to DAVE's. Does anyone have a video of Rob's presentation at the Venetian? Although I need another proper desktop DAC (without a battery and USB micro etc), the Hugo2 narrowly missed my mark and I'm not sure I want to replace my smaller Mojo with the larger Hugo 2.
 It seems Chord is using "Mojo" and "Hugo" rather than DAVE to describe the four filters in Hugo 2. I'm sure that was a conscious marketing decision. This is taken from Chord's Hugo 2 product page:  Filters (Digital):Hugo (Ultimate Reference) (White) Hugo HF+ (High Frequency roll off) (Green) Mojo (‘Smooth’) (Orange) Mojo HF+ (High Frequency roll off) (Red)
Worth noting that Jason Stoddard responded: https://www.facebook.com/stereophilemag/posts/10155024621014198?comment_id=10155025292574198&comment_tracking=%7B%22tn%22%3A%22R9%22%7D 
 Staying with an elegant, well designed enclosure is OK. Can you image the disappointment if Chord where to release a Mojo 2 that did not work with Poly? These are all the reasons Chord needs to focus on developing platforms that can be upgraded via modules and software updates.
This is something I have said previously. I tend to not purchase products from companies that follow the iPhone 6, 6S, 7 etc. pattern of product releases. In high end audio I believe it is best for coampines to move towards selling devices that can be upgraded over time. This way, companies will retain their customers for a longer time period and the upgrades themselves will become a significant revenue stream since they are more affordable for the consumer. High end audio...
The current M cars hardly represent progress from the legendary M cars Paul Rosche and Jochen Neerpasch developed. Rob Watts and John Franks have more in common with BMW Motorsports unmatched success in the 1980s than BMW M today. Your anology here isn't good but I understand the point.
There is no doubt that Hugo and Hugo TT values dropped after the Hugo 2 announcement. The other product that I have to wonder about is the TToby since it was designed for the Hugo TT.
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