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Just got mine, upgrade firmware, does this unit benefit from break in?   I only ask while sounds good, upper mids (with 24bit files) seem harsh to me  my cowon with 16bit seems more balanced.  
why is there no windows 8 driver for emu 0204 !!!!!!  does not work even in capability mode............... any help?  thx 
These KEF 300A look very interesting. Wonder what DAC chip setup they are using.
Rokit speakers are great for near field. plenty of bass for size, not 5.1 for movies however.
sorry late to this party.  how does this work as pre-amp?  i see no volume control      anyone try their W4SmPRE product which is dac/pre and has volume?   thanks 
no one?
Asus Xonar Essence One MUSES Edition Burson Conductor Grace M903 Wyred4Sound W4SMPre Benchmark DAC1 HDR Goal:  Replace very old tube pre-amp, PS AUDIO III DAC (with cullen upgrades), and Ray Samuels Raptor headphone amp I currently use 600ohm cans (Beyerdynamic)   pre-amp would be going into Channel Islands D200 class d amps.  Which of the above to I go and why?  Also, any I am missing (would like to keep it under 3k) Thanks!!!!  
anyone try schitt valhalla? also, sorry if dumb, does wood cups help sound or just appearance and where does one get leather for outside of cup. thanks
dt880's are super detailed no coloration top or bottom, 600 ohm works best with tube amp.
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