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Looking for a pair of T70ps in like new condition.  If you have a set, please shoot me a pm with purchase details, use, condition, photos, and price.     *Update - no longer looking.   Thanks!
Yes it's being used as a desktop system.  I have the wharfedale sw150 sub, which sits under my desk. (about 60 inches wide), with a 27" monitor and I will regularly keep an extra laptop or two on the desk as well. Although I'd prefer an integrated unit, if you can give me a solid rec for a high quality usb dac + headphone amp + integrated amp I'd be open to it.  Desk space is somewhat limited, but I can try to make it work.  
I know there's a similar thread, but I'm specifically looking at the Peachtree Decco 65 and the NAD D 3020, and open to any other options.  Target budget is around $600, but can flex up if it's really worth it.   I already have a set of wharfedale 10.1s and sub, and just looking for a proper desktop amp to drive them.   My biggest concern with the two options above is the quality of the headphone amp.  Although I don't have a set of fullsize cans anymore, I could...
PM's sent. I'll send you payment tonight.
What are the dimensions on this guy?
thinking about getting one, would like to know how it does. Thanks!
PM me if you have one for sale, thanks!
Can't find it! Thanks!
I know this isn't really our specialty, but I don't know where else to look. Anyone have any reccommendations for a 500-1000$ setup? I guess, it has to be something sold at bestbuy/circuit city where they can do the installation for me as well...or does it?
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