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PM's sent. I'll send you payment tonight.
What are the dimensions on this guy?
thinking about getting one, would like to know how it does. Thanks!
PM me if you have one for sale, thanks!
Can't find it! Thanks!
I know this isn't really our specialty, but I don't know where else to look. Anyone have any reccommendations for a 500-1000$ setup? I guess, it has to be something sold at bestbuy/circuit city where they can do the installation for me as well...or does it?
I had a pair of yuin pk3's, which ended up breaking, because the cable was too short. I could not put my ipod in my pant pockets, and listen to the pk3s. This ultimately ended up in the cable breaking on me, and me losing sound out of one of the channels. So, before I pick up one of these, I have to ask, how long are the cables? Thanks!
Hey, Been out of the loop for a long while. Before I sold everything, I had a gs-1000, hp-1 for 3 months, hd650 w/ black dragon, ath-a900/700, hf-1, mpx3slam se...and a lot of other stuff along the way. For the last two years, i've been sitting happily on my ksc-75's, and more recently, my pk3's, but, the cable on my pk3 is about to break, so I'm looking for something to replace it, that I can wear at home without disturbing my roomates, and that I can wear full...
Here are some samples. The image taken by the d80 was not taken by me, and is actually of me, so the focus is off a bit, but nevertheless, shows the d80's approach to High Iso Images. I know this isn't the best test, as they aren't all of the same subject, but I didn't actually own all three cameras at the same time. D70S 100% Crop D80 100% Crop D70S resized D80 resized As you can see, when the images are resized, there is very little difference in noise...
f4 is not fast enough for indoors, even at iso 3200. Definitely get the f/2.8. Canon's 17-55 is fantastic, and optically is even better than my Nikon 17-55 DX, plus you get image stabilization, that is, if you can live with the non-professional build quality and potential for dust issues. That being said, if you're on a budget, don't rule out Tamron's 17-50 f/2.8, its phenomenal, is better(optically) than Nikon or Canon's offerings in a lot of situations, but too...
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