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Thx for reply...then i would say im goin to stick with blu ray drive as i use Optical cable to use with ht3400.
thx for your replies guys...i been waiting for someone to help.   I have Xonar d2x right now.. aint it sufficient?   And as u guys saying Blu ray player might make noise then i would say my 6950 CF gpu's already very noisy and moreover i enjoy watching movies on high volume.   I be watching movies on my PC LCD and goin to use Onkyo HTr390 .   As i mentioned earlier my only priority is SOUND..which ever gives better sound i will go for that.I dont care if...
I have Onkyo HTS3400 but I'm in dilemma which is better  player that sounds good.I'm not sure which would sound better blu-ray drive on PC or if i use external blu ray player.Audio quaility is my only and major priority.So guys plz help me decide which player to choose.  
After searching in forums and reviews i have narrowed down the list of speakers and soundcards.I am thinking onkyo ht-s3300m and asus XOnar d2x...earlier i was thinking to buy Essence St but since Onkyo already got amplifier then why go for it. Note-Definatly i be using it for lot of games ,Mkv's and Music ofcourse.and most importantly it is goin to be all on pc.So i feel i made the right choice but suggestions are welcome.
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