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Hi everybody,   Unfortunately one of the earphones of my beloved RE-Zero just stopped working. I'm not sure what was the cause for that... it just happened on its own without me dropping, crushing or applying any force to it. It comes with an balanced to stereo adapter and I can also include some tips if need be.    Let me know if anyone interested in taking them, otherwise I'll just toss them in the garbage.    Cheers!
Up for sale the JDS O2 amplifier. I've been using it for year and a half and it never left the house. Looking to get 100CAD.   Prefer local sale but can ship at buyer's expense.
I did some direct comparison btw MOG and the Music Unlimited and I gotta say that MOG is still better in terms of the music quality although not by a lot.   Still FLAC is the best out of all of them.....or I just imagining things. It would be nice to do an ABX similar to Foobar test btw all of them but I don't know how.
For sale Audio-Technica ATH-AD900 phones in mint condition. These are month old and only have about 25 hrs of listening. Prefer local sale - Toronto and GTA but willing to ship anywhere. Throw me an offer. PM me for more info.
Hi, Grado SR80 for sale in perfect condition with l-cushions. Selling them due to a recent upgrade to HD600.   Grado SR80 - $85, Grado l-cushion - $15   Please PM for more details. Prefer local sale - Toronto and GTA.
Mine was cancelled as well. I ordered them again. see what happens.
you can get new from CanadaComputers for $140   Don't know where you live though....
Hey,   Has someone from Canada ordered the O2 from JDSlabs (i'm sure somebody did)?   Were there any extras taxes/duties that you had to pay? I emailed the Jdslabs and they responded nobody complained about the extra fees from Canada? Is that true? Thanks. 
Please respond to PM.
This guy   is saying it doesn't work with S3 so it's a mistery for now. 
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