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dont worry a "sensitive type" complained to the mods and demanded action be taken against me... so i shall soon be removed from general  thats what i get for making sheep   Viva la P5s!!!!!!!
you are soo right there will be those who love it and those who hate it and the person with more supporters, rank, seniority, followers or power will will "win"  and in this case that is skylab   Anyway thanks for xnor for showing his allegience  
.... oh booo.. you hate them i love them all this other stuff is too complicated..  
You surely accept that the P5s are not to everyone's taste and so others are allowed to praise their sound and even say they are 'great' or 'fantastic', commonly understood descriptives.   and...   here is an explanation in the importance of break in for mechanical devices.   more...  
dude i never attacked you... you just feel attacked cause your ego is hurt.. you expect me to bow down and accept your rules..  its simply i will stop saying i love them i you stop saying you hate  i kno i kno its not possible cause we are human...  dont get all upset we are just talking about headphones on the internet after all..  as long as we can pay our pills every month i think we will be ok right!?  
well i think that basic understanding of how high performance speaker drivers and other machinery (cars) work would make is common knowledge that a break in period is essential to ensure the peak efficiency of operation can be achieved without stressing the parts of the machine before they have had time to flex and stretch.  some mechanical products are broken in at the factory so that the consumer does not damage the item with improper early life usage.  this same logic...
well lets let you opinion be and lets let mine be.. there is nothing to argue about since arguing about opinions is silly .. good so now we can have peace..  im gona go on record and ask you to stop saying the P5s are bad etc..  you wont will you!? nope and and i wont stop saying tat they are good.. thats why we have wars on earth humans cant get along because no one like to submit or be subjugated..  
Nope you are being silly.. and a around in a silly circle you try to take  all in the name of ego driven humanity..  
Great ur a smart guy so be brave and tell him  to stop arguing with me for the same reasons...  thing you can do that???  
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