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HA5050H will appear at the AT auditioning event held here in Singapore :)
 Unfortunately, I have not heard the ESW10JPN to comment on the differences between them. But the mid-range on ESW9LTD is forward, clear and actually a little on the cold side (but does not sound analytic / mechanical). Frankly speaking, I prefer the mid on ESW9LTD over ESW11LTD. In fact, I am kinda speechless about the ESW11LTD after listening to the ESW9LTD. But please note that the female vocal rendition on both the ESW9 and ESW9LTD is quite different, with the former...
Will be comparing the W1000Z sample side-by-side with my stock W1000 and W1000X  
 vlenbo, can you post the original links to the reviews? I think the translations are harder to read than the original text XD
 The venue and datetime for the auditioning session have been confirmed. Come join us to try out the earphones/headphones :) Venue: EarShot Cafe located at Arts House level oneDate/Time: 29th of November, 2014 2-6PM
In terms of build, ESW9LTD is the same as ESW9 and features the same thin, flimsy cable but now with a L-shaped connector. The earcups are glazed with varnish so they actually looked pretty nice (and maybe easier to maintain), a pity that the Audio-Technica wording is on top and not underneath the varnish.   Listening with the ZX-1, the ESW9LTD has bigger sound stage than the ESW11LTD and sounds airier. The ESW11LTD sounds thicker and has a weightier bass. The ESW9LTD...
As mentioned by earfonia, the MSR7 LTD version looks gorgeous. First impression is that it has lighter bass than M50x. Very good treble extension. Forward vocal with good clarity. More spacious feel as well.
IM03 dropped to 18,900 JPY at one point, many ordered at that price but very few people had their orders delivered. Shortly after a few units were shipped out, Amazon JP realised the mistake in pricing and cancelled all subsequent orders. Even most of the buyers who ordered on 6th got their orders cancelled.   I don't think it will drop down to that price again on Amazon JP because it will be killing sales from other channels, especially when IM03 was only launched for...
So no love for the CKR10? 
 It is interesting to know that the change is significant after long burn in but how much did you have burnt in on both models? I came across a review that the owner spent 170 hours on the CKR10 and he didn't notice much difference. The mid-range is what some owners kinda dislike because they hear this "strange resonance" and an AT engineer commented that it is the best compromise they can do.  Think I will try listening again after the demo pair at shop has more burnt in  
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