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Voted for #3. Prefer more utilitarian look
I think you need to understand that the price on kakaku is their street price and that is for a product which is already 7 years old. The MSRP of ESW9 is actually 36,000 JPY as listed on the official JP product page. Naturally, the retailers will lower the price to push the product since it is so old and there are a lot of competing products. However, the MSR7 is not even two months old, so it will be sold at MSRP. What's more, the distributors outside of Japan need not...
I m quite surprised to hear that the MSR7 is more expensive than ESW9 because it is certainly not the case in Singapore. ESW9 is selling for 438SGD whereas the MSR7 is 268SGD (LTD is 288SGD) Are you sure you got the prices correct?
 Still, they could have gone one step further to include the cable with inline microphone, just like the MSR7, which they chose not to. Simply because they don't think the intended market for the M50x needs it. However, they can't ignore the fact that M50 is so popular with those outside of the the target group,so including short cable on the M50x will please these people.
Yes, I do agree on both the sound stage and sibilance. The sibilance did took me by surprise. Didn't expect it to be so obvious, will try to feedback to the local GM but from what I've heard, AT engineers can be pretty stubborn and sometimes have weird thinkings (the GM's words)
 The same can be said for most pop music as well, be it English, Korean or others.
 AT won't make cable with inline-microphone for M50x because the M50 is not intended for consumer usage, thus they don't see the need to do so. But seeing the popularity M50 (and M50x) has with the consumers, they decided to come up with the MSR7 product to cater for the demand. Who knows, if the MSR7 is well received and gains popularity, they may even stop selling M50 and M50x to consumers.   IMO, I will take MSR7 over M50 anytime. Yes, it is sibilant but the overall...
HA5050H will appear at the AT auditioning event held here in Singapore :)
 Unfortunately, I have not heard the ESW10JPN to comment on the differences between them. But the mid-range on ESW9LTD is forward, clear and actually a little on the cold side (but does not sound analytic / mechanical). Frankly speaking, I prefer the mid on ESW9LTD over ESW11LTD. In fact, I am kinda speechless about the ESW11LTD after listening to the ESW9LTD. But please note that the female vocal rendition on both the ESW9 and ESW9LTD is quite different, with the former...
Will be comparing the W1000Z sample side-by-side with my stock W1000 and W1000X  
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