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yup think im pulling out of this one!  will maybe check in a few months and see how it turns out sq wise, but with the fiio dropping soon im probably going to hit that up a stop buying stuff for a bit (well maybe ;))
Install rockbox dude!
true that, silver on silver :) and in a silver cord and weve got gold,  never heard the 940's  did try the 840 but i dont know the just didnt sound as good, only 20 quid more but i decided to go the 440 with the 840 pads.  Btw anyone know if the 940 has velvet pads and if they do, do they fit the 440?
  new today! sold the ms1 and have 840 pads coming monday! blissssssssssss
thanks for the info Isao   You think you could get him to do a short write up on it with pics, serial and model numbers?
hey rafa,   Drop me a msg mate if you find a supplier for the higher end model.   cheers
dammmmmmm   this is killing me, first i thought id drop for the c60 since already got the c30 but the lack of sd card kills it.  Fiio announce the x3 for march..... then delayed :( bummer).  Colorfly releases info on the ck4......... to much confusion on this with the model types and sourcing for me to jump just yet.   Now this........... its a good time after a long time of daps dropping off the earth.  If this has got anything near the SQ of the t51 im down and...
March 10th then?  awesome :)   reasonable price too if this is the high end model 
^^^^^^^^excellent post^^^^^^^^   shigzeo's post!   With so many dap's and amps coming out this year its gonna be great for enthusiasts.     Anyway i shot an email in german to the distributors to see if they had any info to share......... will wait, observe and report.
Anyone know from when and where i can pick up one of these and ill be the guinea pig?
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