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Yeh mate it sounded great too.  A similar sig to the c3 with a mids focus and some more power behind it.  The only things that put me off was the size and the hardware and software interface. For pure sq it puts it right in the top tier (not having owned the dx100 or C4).
thats good about the battery life if true, 10-12 is still a bit low but in the liveable range....just.  Thanks for getting the info for us big man also when you get your unit can you do a proper test yourself? Actually I beg to differ on what amplifier they are using, I actually have the technical report back from an engineer who has identified it this will also be confirmed through an additional channel for posterities sake.  If it was their own amp designed by them...
mods so far are    foam mod - kova or eke I think (I wont be trying because if I dont like its not reversable and they sound brilliant as is) Cover vent mod - eke - tried it didnt like it, detracted from the intended presentation and as pointed out is there to stop driver crumpling from preasure change on insertation.  and finally     Drum roll please.......     Kova's brilliantly simplistic but stupidly brilliant J-CORD TO Y-CORD MUTATION MOD.
+1 squillion sir
Yeh the first 3 albums for me were outstanding, after that i started liking individual tracks rather than their whole albums to the point I cant care.  felt the same about bizkit after significant other but I gotta admit gold cobra is damm good, its like a throwback to doing what they originally did, big part I think in bringing back wes boreland.
New cable for the boys!
Only thing that stands true in that guys assesment to me is that a shallow insertation definetley sounds better to me.  Affiliate link def doesnt seem right, not only has clieos shown his impartiality over many years as well as accuracey but the thought of sony forking out the bucks to push out such a cheap product that they have already sold off en bulk to others is a bit far fetched.
You know what, for some reason right after I got these i downloaded korn in flac (follow the leader).  In my teens i used sony discmans and ex buds and it just took me back to how much I enjoyed it back in the day!  I hate you ft Fred Durst sounds amazing with the mh1c.
sony hybrids go smaller than the included from memory.
tips that came with jvc fx101 etc should suffice, theyre pretty small.
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