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good going mate, I find the compliment each other brilliantly. The HD660's for me are a revalation,  I have 200+ hours on mine but to be honest they sounded amazing out of the box.  Especially on rock.  Also using the dt pads and they are so comfy, combine that with how well built these things are and I stand by that Id take these over the m50 and others.   Selling a brand new pair as well in the UK if anyones interested.  See the FS section, cheapest price...
I wear the mh1's over ear no problem, not as comfy as something like the pfe's but it works damm fine due to that strong seal.
Oh the irony!!
wow, want right now.    IIm callin up doc brown and mcfly
agre 100%
Id just enjoy what you have right now, the c3 is brilliant but i assume having similar taste we are in the same boat and will be getting the x3 in a few months.  Hold strong guy!
Thats why I never mention it myself!  ;)
Dont worry now I know you are a lawyer I no longer think your a genius ;)
mistertao seller has them with a ton of accesories for $95 US  + SHIPPING. http://www.mistertao.com/taobao-products/taobao-item-13620158743.html
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