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That much more articulately put than my words, right on the money sir.
Iv not had it on 2 units, despite specifically listening for it.
As i said I use one myself and have had many since its first version along with the fuzes, im well aware of the sq and sig of the clip and I most definetely classify it as lifeless/dull/uninteresting.   ruler flat and the standard for entry level audiophiles on a budget, spending a lot more will get you better but not too much better.  Honestly, if this wasn't rockbox enabled you'd think it would be so popular around these parts?  This debate rages from the ABI forum days...
I listen to audio books, podcasts or comedy, thats on runs up to 20k or bike rides around 50k, listening to music does get boring so I dont.   Any other high intensity stuff comes from muay thai (compete professionally) training for that usually involves the potential of getting punched in the ear so i dont bother with headphones  the treat of being knocked unconscious also tends to keep one from sleeping :D
Stunning combo jay!
thats why the forum isnt dapfeaturesphile in essence.  Sound of c3 far better than clip but hey if you like something ruler flat but completely lifeless and dull the clips great, i use it as my gym dap.
Lose the attitude, they sit there just fine, its not ideal like I said but, hell it works fine.  Have you even bothered to try it in practice or just having a moan for the sake of it?
saw some little bear reviews for that thing, in other languages, from what I could decipher it sounded terrible, the battery life was attrocious and it would burn a hole in your leg/bag if you went portable as intended. It was through google transalte so let us know your opinion if you want.
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