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E11 is pretty much as clear as its going to get in the under £100 range, even competing with stuff upwards of that your not missing too much. However I must add there is not really an iem that I have had trouble driving out of the hp out, volume about 30 suffices for most.  It does not in any way I can tell worsen the sound when used with the mh1 and in some respects helps it when flicking between the gain settings.  The main use for the e11 with it is that it stacks...
 Yes but its still a harder to use more time consuming and less productive way of doing any of the tasks its meant to do.  Its not so much the products parts etc thats out of date (which they are) but the whole neccessity of the concept.  Time will prove me right on this im sure.  This is the sinclair c5 of the tech world.
I used an exacto blade and cut a mobile screen protector to size, perfect fit no problem, easily sourced.
Hot damm the c3 pairs so well with the mh1, pairs beautifully it the o2 as well but today using it with the e11.  Those things are designed for each other.   Portable use for me it just doesn't get better than this.
Pretty stupid post if you ask me, just because something is popular its not quality? and vice versa.  People though can spot a pointless dated piece of nonsense a mile away. I know your kinda eclectic and would be the type of person to want to show off his pandora and tell people how great it is but ultimately they know its lemon.     As for the pandora 2, good luck for it but the concept will already be dated and by the time they get it anywhere near market technology...
Its not just dissing its generally pointing out that its a poor concept and is going to be evident in how this device fades from memory.  And saying things like "this is the best pocket device bar none" is just ridiculous it is not otherwise you would have people lined up outside your pandora stores.  Thats not a apple reference by the way thats just pointing out if it really was good it would people would actually be interested, your participation in the product has...
That said see if its one of these things I didnt notice and then it stares me in the face ill be mad ;)
yup ill give it a shot as well with a few different phones and see what comes up.
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