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More like they dont have treble that makes convulse tyll herstens style.
Agree bowie, if there is any change in these (i have 4 sets) its in literally the first 30-45 mins and its very minimal if its is just a taming of the bass.  2 out of the 4 sets behaved like this and the other performed at peak direct from box.   I now have sets at 0  50 150 and 200 hours burn, absolutely no difference. On thing I have noticed that is strange for me is how easily I fall asleep with these, in other phones i lie in bed and fidget with tracks and...
bought for 14.99 last week not compatible with my new phone, only taken out package and plugged in then repackaged.   Comes with all tips and shirt clip.   £10 posted to UK.     This is the MH1 with sony erricson logo.   Thank you.
You could do with upgrading from those m6.  Stuff at $10 sounds better.
If this is similar to the studio im out.
Putting a smiley doesn't disguise trolling.
Wow its almost like a lot of people dint bother to read the info on the first 5 pages of the thread, then ordered anyway.  Everything getting whined about was mentioned before previously.
the 660 are not giant.
Superlux hd660, dont take any notice that im selling a set (i have 2 and am keeping one), they are absolutley brilliant and have caused me to dispatch a ton of gear, combine these with some aftermarket pads for an extra £10 and I cant think of anything better for under £100.   The will last forever and and are tuned to perfection for indie and rock style music. Seriously ignore the fact that im selling just buy a pair even from somewhere else, I think thoman.de have...
and coming from someone who did try the c3 with er4s and b2's it is quite a bright pairing and it was around the time i preffered the signature when hooked up to a  Zo. anyway heres a pic to illustrate just how well proportioned these things are for each other.
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