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What thread you talking about there champ?
Gotta agree, i am using this over any other iem I have now in the £100-£200 range.  
Was  using extensively with the re272 if there would be hiss it'd be there.
and yes geko if thats you selling it on ebay for £125 used thats a pretty ****** move.
Ill try it with my q's next month but I dont see why there would be anything like you describe.
The less ambiguous reply would be that everyone else for 50 pages has praised it for having such a low level of noise and that this is backed up by RMAA graphs.  I use it with plenty of sensitive iems and would probably say that out the hp out this is by far one of the least noisy daps you can get.
That comment makes me do one of these 
Grey market prices, big bargians is genuine, a lot of people got it from there including me who got 2.
c3 is imediate access to your tunes.  The studio V for me would take anywhere between 1 and 9 minutes until I could listen PITA
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