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Why would that not be a fair comparison, what in your mind makes you think that you cant compare these 2 phones?   Here ill do some for you with a/b   mh1c vs triple fi = Mh1  w3 vs mh1c = mh1 se435 vs mh1c = mh1   of course that my opinion but to suggest they cant be compared is just ridiculous.
lol glad you got it :D
i think the question was more to the tune of basis of comparison.  You said yourself that a you are new to the world of dacs and external amps etc so would it not be wise to have at least one recognized brand cheap dac (as mentioned the E10) with which to form some basis of comparison?  Otherwise its just a game of this chinese dac sounds great (and to yourself it may) with no basis of comparison among other things.  Now if you compared to the e10 (or other similar more...
what would be the point of putting a 3.5mm on that thing, completley against the point.
Sold to tangster :)
Yup class 4 is absolutely fine.  Im using with class 4 and 6 myself with no problems.  Id put it right up there as one of the best sounding DAPS iv ever heard.  People complaining about that pop are just crazy iv been fine with my 2 but a friend has one and the pop (if you can even call it that) it is so ultimatley indescribably minimal its ridiculous that peoples panties are getting in a twist over it. The Ck4 sound for me was good but really only in terms of having...
emmmm no.
That is the most incorrect statement I have seen in a while.  Couldnt be further apart.
No problem at all actually I had thought u were saying I had mine up for sale, my fault. I had sold that one to Mr orange but soon after Yeh logic board went on the iPod and I ordered another c3 which I'm using now.
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