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You should get a lobotomy as well by that logic.
James your company entered the arena and was a breath of fresh air.   Keep going forward the way you have been going and I look forward to fiios future development.
Mate i have just came on this thread and you have spammed it up good and proper with the possibly the silliest and most pointless posts I have seen in some time.   Your mad you cant use the camera with your phone and amp? are you serious? Welcome to a hobby of comprimise.  I fail to see how this amp does not fall into the portable category.  You know how few people will actually use this with there phone, and those that do will work around the issue while you just moan...
Damm that sucks dude, it'll be even more outta date then than it is now!
well do we have any clue at all when the evo will be out?
681 or hd660
lol the classic I'm not stupid your stupid argument.......  
So now, to stick up for your beloved studio, you are countering with external components?  The topic put forward to you was that the ck4 is using a cirrus chip, no.  Also having owned the UHA6 I also put it that you are talking nonsense again to get you point over.  I think the issue here is not that someone should review this or that player but they should review your ears .  Again you have absolutely no Idea on  manufacturing process and component limitations,...
Studio V is a pile of junk next to the ck4 that is for sure.  But dont let lee's bias get in the way of things, sometimes he doesnt quite know what he's talking about.
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