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Also do you have the link for the dx ones.  I cant find them with search.
where you located mate?
Not specifically for the mh1's but i get tons of stuff through DE and I love thats site.  Shipping can take up to a month at times though.
IMO theres only one headset you should be looking at right now and its the MH1C, forget the R1. I have the 4 core one x right now and its not completley terrible but still not great, as a phone it is incredible though, I ditched the iphone5 after a week for it and havent looked back (android is finally at a stage I think its superior to IOS, hardware they are getting streaks ahead) although may pick up the nexus next week.
On an epic scale :D
dammm for the mini? really? and im pretty shure that guy staring into his red bull at the front is the epitimy of 90% of head-fier :D
Yeh that makes no sense, They have in the past had many many more issues than just a touchpad. But by all means go ahead and good luck.   So you just signed up for news of this obscure player..........  
i would at the very very least wait until he player is released, why order something from a company that has had numerous issues with its other players and take over2/3 years to get there "top of the line" player right.  Wait for fact than purchasing on blind faith it may turn out good but your running the risk of another lemon.  Havent heard good things on the wooduo 2  heard they sound like average budget bass stuff and that market is flooded with numerous options....
Can we get an IP address check on these low post members?.  These are almost carbon copies of stuff appearing on other sites.
Yes you are right its a soc but the when everything else is limited by the hardware, there are only so many paramaters you can work within.  People think youu can make chicken salad from chickensh... (I dont include yourself in this category mr vibes) Card slot yes they added a card slot and bravo for doing so they had to, they were going to get slaughtered without it, they also have a different UI skin than the player the nova is alleged to be and have changed the...
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