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Thanks big man, hopefully you will have more luck asking the questions direct. I tell you the one person I would love to see their players reviewed by, DFKT.  All though I think they refuse to include him due to his harsh words on the amp3 many years ago.  No offence there are very very few people i rate when reviewing DFKT and NWAVGUY being the best for amps and players along with joker and clieos for iems, apart from that the waters get very murky.
Thanks for that sly,    It'll be of no surprise to you if I have no regard at all for your opinion.  Im not the one trying to provoc fights your the one that when I ask a simple question which the answer to will be of use to the community buts in with slanders against myself.  I also reserve the right to point it when your glossing or half truthing.   Did you mention that hisound were banned and had posts removed from the c3 thread because of their behaviour?  No you...
If your going to try and disect someones statements at least make sure you bother to read them in the first place. Yes I have no intention of buying it but this doesnt stop someone asking a very valid question that may help fellow headfiers.       oh its not the frequency response, but you should probably try reading my posts   Im not preaching bbe. I said the bbe engineers had a hand in tuning the hardware, they are insanley talented and have many many many years more...
MH1 > FXD80 IMO  on pure sq basis.
This is not a gripe this is a request for information.  I may be pointing out a massive flaw that will put a lot of people off, or the battery life may be 10hrs with flac which some will find acceptable.  Either way if it is answered truthfully THE CONSUMER WINS.
thanks for your input chief, ill def take it to heart ;)     Thing is THEY claimed 10 hour battery life, but they are also claiming this a portable player for audiophiles so then its safe to assume Flac or other high quality files will be used.  Given that, its only fair that since no one has used the player that they inform them rather than getting the player and realising that in the pratical use intended for the community its far less than stated.  This also...
I had 8 different size covers front abck and insides totalling 32 files on a korn album.  then cue, nzb, txt files. pain in the ass lol.
Not neccesary at all, hes just talking about optomizing using the c3, i have all my music on one hard drive and transfer that to my multiple devices but with things like the c3 and cube c30 i just take out that info once its on said device.
I pretty much did all the same except, with the fold a-f thing.  WIll get on that later though so good suggestion.   Also did your little cord mod on the mh1's really makes a hell of a difference, very much appreciate you posting that.
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