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Nah not current only have my customs (keeping) and pfe left (they are for sale to) and have 3x mh1 (plus one for the gf).   Op asked what i have had.  To much lol, some photos in my profile.
Got to agree with that.     he should also check out most of most of living legends stuff and madvillain      also dilated peoples, old bone thugs and jurrasic 5
I dunno why maybe? the sheer number of people complaining about the J cable.     Edit :  unless maybe you were referring to the fact the cable is flat, in that case i think you meant linguine cable.  spaghetti would be round :O
seriously using kova's simple mod is brilliant, cant do much about it being a flat cable but nice regular design and hangs well with it.
çheers dyaems that probably more real world, mine was just left to run.  the maxim amp section wouldnt get to hot though.
Love FLC myself,  scooby snacks, gay night, up on the hill.  Hueys a legend!
Snus not even labeled as carcinogenic and sweden has the lowest lung cancer rate in europe due to the lack of smokers compared to snusers :D   Sure tribe are a 90's hip hop band with q-tip.  some awsome stuff, "the anthology" is their greatest hits album and a good place to start.        
actually i dont smoke, but i do snus.  real swedish tobacco super strong nicotine hit without the bad stuff. One snus, one mh1c, one c3 and some tribe called quest = chillaxing
I wasnt being serious btw 
  Chicks think you look cool and it kills the time waiting for a cab.
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