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I dont think youll have much problem with them, and with the c3 its as close to hiss free as it gets.
i think 13mw, drives regular iems no problem.
The issue of reference gear is also a very good point Gideon and is also why I despair almost everything I go onto that discovery thread.
I also agree that at 30 he could know what he is talking about fully, heck even less time than that, I do believe though that unless you have a full knowledge of a lot of aspect of sound and other things notaving a couple of good headphones does not qualify you. He'll I had 10 years in the industry and about 15 years with high end gear and at review writing in my opinion I still suck. I genuinely didn't mean that to be offensive, 19 to me is still a kid. It will be nice...
Surly you are kidding?  this has to be one of the simplest and most responsive daps around.    
I do not mean to bash, but what would give takato's review any gravitas.  He has admitted he is a kid and is waiting for his christmas so doesn't look like he has had the type of gear that would make him suitable to analyse audio.  That and he is a, for lack of a better word, pandora fanboy so again reviews on using it in a practical sense can be skewed.
4 clicks :)
All in jest kids.
  My logic derived that you deserve a lobotomy for comparing a turd like the pandora to a '65 mustang. Bwahahahahaha.
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