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No difference at all mate.
Guys,    Pulled off the stock paper that was covering the back of the driver and it sounds terrible.  Whats the best option on modding now?  or have I completely buggered it?   cheers
no thanks
from the get go from big bargains, i got charger, 2 pouches, ear buds, and a a spare longer cable.  pouches fit it perfect as well.  Shipping time was just under a week.
Havent used it with the c3 to be honest probably be fine but still not worth the risk when i have so many of the things from amazon sony etc around the house. the light thing is cool though.   yup seller big bargainsonline for me, fidelity can chime in with the other seller that was a touch cheaper but wouldnt ship to uk.  Both ebay.
I got the same one but with uk pins, i use it for some other stuff and not had a problem.
Why dont you just chill out. The comments are still there and still valid, i have no idea why that thread was locked but whatever the reason I removed it im sure it was a good one. 
£9 delivered and works like a charm, totally takes the boredom out.  Actually I load it with audiobooks for long openwater swims.
no need for zo, i hate people wasting time with amp nonsense in the gym.  Your not doing critical listening so why bother having the extra bulk, your in there to work out first and foremost not to listen to music.   cheap good bassy headphones (fx101) and the clip zip for me.   Go with a cheap replacable headphone instead of the w3mx.
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