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Like the look of the Ultrasone HFI 680/780?
Hi Headfiers, im looking for a portable headphone for my long distance plane trips, in can be completely foldable or just the earcups foldable, and not too huge looking, must have  good isolation and comfortable for at least 5 hours use, and i would prefer it looks the part, ie, not cheap plastic dr beat, or bose, but more high end lookin, lots of metal, ie ultrasone, Audio technica ect, price range, anything up to around $400.   Ive been looking at  ATH ES7, ES700, ...
Bassotronics,,, Bass i love you,,,, nuff said, end of story..... and all the other Bassotronics choons.... seriously, listen to them..  
Exactly whats he says, warm headphones probably not the best choice, my se530s sound like a really good match imo. im really happy with my combo alot
Dont know what the big deal is with some people regarding the player getting warm/hot, its not hot to burn anybody, and it was always going get warm anyway cause of power output, i think Fiio got the ratio just about right when designing it, ie, battery life, screen size, resolution, power output, sound quality, size, slight warmth when playing , ect. If you change anything for the better something has to suffer. If away back when we were all giving feedback about...
Lovin the X3, Been using a Cowon D2 with SE530s and been happy, but SE530 with the X3 is like totally different earphones, well chuffed. Cant be bothered with mp3/amp combo cause of bein clumsy and ugly now, so the X3 for me is exactly what i was waiting for, great price, great powerfull sound,    cheers Fiio, roll on the X5  
For sale SOLD  is a Hippocase Amp Sack, it has never been used. Can be used with most portable amps due to the two different sized amp compartments. Free postage worldwide.
PM sent  
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