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"my humps my humps my humps" could not get me moving at a club. How could anyone do anything seriously while hearing such absurd lyrics? If you decide to ignore the lyrics then you're left with the beats, which in hip hop and rap might be fresh on occasion, but I find that the various genres of electronic music are the cutting edge for new sounds. Also I think that "humpshumpshumps" is not a big inside joke that Fergie has let us all in on. There's an element of jest...
How about HeadFiest? Get the whole site name in there.
Potential hosts and people with lots of gear should post some dates. Everyone else will conform to them.
tyrion: Who couldn't love such a clean Stowa? Good choice.
Belkin iGlock sold separately.
Etymotic, Shure, and Sensaphonics all headquartered in our great state. Who do we petition to get "Land of the IEM" added to our license plates?
^---- mini-meet at billy's plz k thx
VR6: That is a gorgeous Wenger. In fact, I think I'll look into it right now...
http://www.audioconsultants.com/ These guys had nice Grados and Stax, and I seem to recall an HD600, available for auditioning. I was at the Evanston location so call ahead and double check their setup before going to one of the others.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ampersand and that guy who.... drinks a ton of scotch... Ron White. I need to hear more of his stuff, he's good.
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