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We can only pray that the mass has remained the same. If it hasn't I'm suing England.
For me, every head-fi visit includes a stop over at the music sub-forum. There's usually something worthwhile going on. That said, does anyone know of an entire forum dedicated to music in general?
shoenberg3, nice skin. you might be using too fast a computer to tell, but is resource usage higher with this skin than with simpler, but still full featured skins?
Great success! Thanks Jude.
For a high resolution widescreen like yours I would be using a "tall" rather than "wide" configuration for foobar, but this is what I use and if you like it, every element can certainly be rearranged. The area above the playlist tabs is the bookmark plugin for saving your place partway through long audio files. The playlist part is from this fellow:
Quote: Originally Posted by Elephas The Head-Fi bookmark has an icon, yellow lower-case 'h' and 'f' on a brown circle. Yeah, we need a favicon. Site admins, get to it! Your oversight is making our browsing inefficient, slowing each page view by a least 0.3 seconds! This used to be the case for me too, but no longer. No bookmarkicon, no favicon.
I want a DiVA! The Moody Blues - A Question Of Balance puts Idol out of business, then you start and put all associated record companies out of business. Brilliant!
I was playing gold rush for 40 minutes or so. Never made it past level 3, and the game only gave me a level 3 opponent once or twice. Even though I was at 3 it was only finding level 2 people (only risking/able to win level 2 money) for me to play. Total people online was 360. That, combined with this graphic, are why my moola days are through. Thanks for the invite 58impala. I think I played you a couple times EDIT: I have 3 invites (via PM) for any...
Head-Fi used to have a perfectly good favicon. What happened to it? I really miss it because when I have a ton of tabs open (always) and no site names show up, I have only the favicon left to tell me which tab is which, as you can see below. A bunch of nameless, faviconless tabs means clicking through several other web site's tabs before getting to the Head-Fi one I'm looking for. Here's a few I whipped up from existing Head-Fi logos, but really any icon...
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