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Quote: Originally Posted by epaludo That pads look pretty comfy to me, are they? Comfy indeed. Though I could imagine them getting a little toasty in the summer. Quote: Originally Posted by BrookR1 How do the socks affect the sound? I haven't spent enough time with them to answer that one, but if my friend notices any sonic differences I'll be sure to relay his findings here.
My friend got the itch to mod his SR80s and here's what he came up with. I think it's great! That little spring you see is attatched both to the band and the housing. This way the cups will easily rotate enough to conform to your head, but will never do a full turn. A close up of the fine imported italian wool (sock) earpad covers. Here you see the thumb screw for locking the cups in place after you have adjusted them to fit your head size. In this pic...
Would you guys want to have it at the John Han**** building like we did last year? Randy, the fellow responsible for the space, told me that he could hook it up again. See the old threads for reference: Seemingly ample, comfortable seating at recstar's clubhouse is nice, though. I think we were a little low on folding chairs at the JH building.
I am prepared to commit $15 toward a clubhouse meet.
Quote: Originally Posted by infinitesymphony Most people I know (i.e. not audiophiles or Head-Fiers) do most of their music listening in the car. A car is already a far from perfect listening environment so I'd bet binaural sounds fine.
You need to give more information about what kind of functionality you're looking for. Reading and editing office documents can be done easily on the ~$100 Cingular Blackjack.
It's a minute and three seconds, but I insist that an exception be made for Cat Stevens - Tea for the Tillerman.
Quote: Originally Posted by bhd812 where in Ill are you? wanna help with um...A future Ummmmm Meet coming up? pm recstar24 if you are...hehehe oh i'm gonna be such a roadie for HF3-C '08.
Steffenee is my favorite.
Quote: Originally Posted by grandenigma1 hmmm transformers in the middle Nice.
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