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Quote: Originally Posted by wakeride74 It's the Micro like he said; if you read around you will see a lot of people prefer the micro to the macro and there are far more macro's in the FS forums ...who knew?! I'll have to look into that one.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrarroyo Yes the SR71 has to be one of the best sounding portable amps. IMO it is third of my top 5. 1. Supermicro IV 2. LaRocco PRII MkII 3. SR71 tied with the Honet "M" 4. Porta Corda MkIII tied with the TTVJ Millet Portable 5. Xenos X1HA-EPC The new Xin Reference is still in development mode and once it is finalized I will then be able to place it better. BTW, any of the top 10 regardless of whose list will make the...
itsborken: thank you for those PCIII + Move pictures. Any chance at getting a few more? Also, would you be able to compare the USB DAC functionality and quality between the two.
That last one is just a bizarre picture. Why am I sedated, chewing on walnuts, and pinching my palm?
Thanks for stepping up and hosting this meet Ryan. I think we all had a great time, although Todd was a little surley after his unexpectedly long commute. He even snuck in front of me while my back was turned and started listening to the L3k/Moth/Meridian rig! jk, thanks for bringing those Etys and your Shures, Todd. Considering the nature of meet conditions I really should have spent more time with both. Fun surprises: -Skylab's DT880s were the first pair I had...
If anyone feared that we may not have enough Shure tips for everyone to use, fear not! Matt (sugarfried) from Shure has provided us with ten brand new fit kits. Each kit includes: Quote: Originally Posted by Three sizes (S, M, L) of the Flex and Black Foam Sleeves as well as a pair of universal-fit Triple Flange Sleeves. That's 70 pairs, which I think should be enough to go around.
Quote: Originally Posted by bhd812 Ryan i have not received an answer to my pm, or on this thread, or even seen my name updated on the list... sup? I haven't spoken with Ryan since yesterday so he's probably been busy. Also, I PMed Matt but haven't heard back yet. He knows we all want him there and I'm sure he'll let us know what's up soon enough.
Ryan said about 10 in the apartment and 25 in the clubhouse, but as people come and go the total number who can come for at least some period of time will be higher. If everyone who originally expressed an interest in coming can still make it, we're in great shape.
Ryan and I talked it over and everything has been worked out. The meet will start bright and early (11ish by my definition. anyone want it earlier?) at Ryan's apartment. If everyone who plans to attend PMs Ryan ASAP then we will also plan to move the meet down to the clubhouse around dinner time. This allows everyone to attend whether you have to leave early or can't arrive until later. If it's like the last meet, people will get there early, stay for a meal or two,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Todd R I can bring the usual stuff... Cary 303/200, Singlepower Extreme, HD-650, K701, ER-4P/S, PIMETA, iPod. I am very much looking forward to trying those Ety's! Also, I request that anyone with anything Stax bring it to the meet.
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