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Apparently 24bit ASIO support for the Audigy 2 ZS is not yet available. ASIO works when setting foobar to 16bit and resample to 48khz, but is that going to be better than KS @ 24bit padded to 32bit and resampled to 96khz? New reasons every day to add an av710 or 0404.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.Radar Also, set your master and wave volume controls at 50% to avoid the Audigy's horrible clipping problems. The best Foobar2000 for the Audigy 2 non-ZS are resample to 48000 Hz, and use Strong ATH Noise Shaping dither. For the ZS use resampling to 96000 Hz, 24-bit fixed padded to 32 bit, no dither (with the Kx drivers on either card you should also use ASIO output instead of DirectSound or WaveOut). For the ZS...
I'm enjoying the 128kbps stream over at, as usual. The variety of stuff they play is what makes them unique. Listen for a bit and you're guaranteed to find a new artist to research and buy. Quote: Originally Posted by james902 lol... i use higher bitrates when i record... i was just talking about how some internet radios were using low bitrates and I was wondering if anyone experienced a tingly sensation after listening...
what about condition, time used, accessories?
nice speakers, more versatile than the klipsches as far as source options.
reviving this thread.... anyone figured out a reasonable price for the set? just dug mine up and will attempt to use em tomorrow, see if they still work ok.
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