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I just used the DMB files with Foobar ABX and got 6/10 or a 37.7% chance of guessing. It took probably 400 presses of the A,B,X,Y buttons to achieve that impressive result. A couple of times in past ABXing I have gotten similar results. Nonetheless, I still believe, anecdotally, that for some songs it's easier to tell a difference between lossless and properly encoded lossy. I almost fell alseep during this test so you can only do these so often.
I'm always down. Quote: Originally Posted by dsavitsk I could be interested if there would be a sizable DIY contingent It would definitely be cool if we had a bunch of DIY gear to check out. Make it happen dsavitsk.
I would pay it forward with: Frank Zappa & Ensemble Modern - The Yellow Shark (1993)
The Knife - Marble House
They sound like an American, Higher-fi, and less somber Elbow. Boxer is pretty enjoyable through one listen, and it definitely has at least one more in it.
That was a fun song and, as far as I recall, the only one with that kind of "mischevious" energy that Mark Mothersbaugh or David Byrne have used in the series thus far. edit: I was too quick to credit those two. Their roles were only to compose original scores.
Will someone post a picture in RAW format so that I can play with Photoshop CS3s HDR feature? I imagine RAW photos are pretty big, so if posting them here doesn't make sense, where can I get some samples to work with?
Quote: Originally Posted by mrarroyo You can't, battery power only. That's ok, I think a Porta Corda III will be a better fit for me anyways.
We need a comparison of the SumerMicro when it's plugged in to the wall. I would use it at home and on the go, that's why this would be a valuable comparison.
I am trying to figure this out as well. Has there been no plugin for Foobar .9 that allows playback of 24 bit music on something like an Emu 0404? I seem to recall using 24-bit padded to 32-bit for that to work. Edit: Looks like it's working, my test track just had a few seconds of cracks and pops at the beginning and I thought it was my software. I'm still curious about the changes in the bitrate output setting of Foobar .9 vs .8.
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