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Quote: Originally Posted by morphsci P.S. I'm hoping those strawberry donuts make a showing also. Sometimes I feel like strawberry donuts go unappreciated in this cruel world.
$50 per raffle ticket is way more than I would personally spend. My limit would probably be about $20. With that said, I support whatever ticket price will earn the most money for next year. So if there are enough willing entrants at $50, that's great.
Peaches is extremely sexually explicit. I recommend her to everyone.
Thanks for that link AudioDwebe. The video was a pretty unique and insightful making-of/behind-the-scenes of his new solo album. Although we know that at least one other person helped him do it all. Whose hand was he shaking in the interview scenes?
We should have a contest to see whose rig will do the best with my bagpipe albums. I think it's a demanding instrument to reproduce.
I'd love to be there. Bringing my computer would be tough, but as much of my other gear as I can bring, I will. Quote: Originally Posted by nismo96 I'm probably gonna show up. I'm not bringing any gear though, all my stuff is portable and pretty low end. You've got lots of fun gear nismo. Bring whatever you can. Any given person usually has a use for a wide range cans and they will want to hear them before they buy them.
Quote: Originally Posted by PiccoloNamek My medium-size black foamies fit my ER4s perfectly. When I push the foamie all the way down, the end of the nozzle is just flush with the opening of the tip. What size are you using? I'm using small, but I think they're all the same depth. "Flush with the opening" is not how shure tips are with shure phones, or ety tips with ety phones. Maybe that's not a big deal, but it's why I'm checking to see what...
bumpety bump.....I dont want to lose foamies in my ear canal...
The black Shure foamies are significantly shorter than the stock Etymotic ER4 foamies. Because of this, it seems like the Shure foamies can slide down farther on the ER4, thus bringing the earphone's driver much closer to the surface. Should I try to leave a little buffer room below the Shure foamie?
Kraftwerk - Computer World 2 ....especially when played right after the track that precedes it on Computer World. That transition from "Numbers" to "CW2" might actually be my favorite Kraftwerk moment of all.
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