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"The Fix" is some of the most fun I've had in a while. It's just a matter of time until that song is on a movie soundtrack. Unfortunately, nothing else on the album has been memorable for me.
accuraterip is very commonly used for determining a drive's read offset. your write offset, however, will require you to burn a cd that is listed in the accuraterip "key disc" database, and then have a program analyze it. feel free to skip that step if burning cds is not a priority, at least relative to ripping them.
Quote: Originally Posted by ndskyz Not really News here. There was a pretty big thread on this over in the Sponsors forum a month (or longer) ago. I see. Well, I knew that there must have been talk of this on here at some point, but (for the reasons you stated above) a search of the forum revealed nothing.
I posted late last night so I figured I would give it a bumpy...
It seems like Ultrasone is establishing its own US distributor. If I'm reading the article correctly, that means the company that has been the face of Ultrasone in the US is being replaced. Quote: Ultrasone AG Establishes New U.S. Distributor by Christopher Walsh Nashville (May 9, 2008)--Tutzing, Germany-based headphone manufacturer Ultrasone AG has established Ultrasone Inc. as its own U.S. subsidiary for North and South America. Ultrasone Inc. takes...
Elbow definitely love their dynamic range. Snooks is the best example, but the first track on their (excellent) new CD is very dynamic too. Thanks again Sordel.
What a brilliant post! I learned about Turn Me Up! and a new Elbow album!
Wow. I'll definitely stick this motherload on a playlist and start making my way through it. Thanks johnniewalker
Similar tracklist here: Narcosis by Narcosis - Fairy Nuff - MP3 and FLAC downloads provided by Musiczeit
Thanks for making it all happen, Billy. You really went the extra mile on this. I was able to listen to some extraordinary gear for the first time at ChiUniFi #0001. Also, thank you Crossroads for providing the MylarOne that I won in the raffle! My sister is the real winner, though. I have been wanting to get her some iBud replacements for a long time, and these are much nicer than what I would have bought her myself.
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