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I have it on good authority that this is not green screen either. (How can that be, though?) YouTube - Matt and Kim - "LESSONS LEARNED" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
These are pretty fun. Have a look-see:
Fun story, but I read the whole thing waiting to get an explanation for the discrepency between the book titles in the two listings. You didn't ask him about that?
Woooaaah where did all this Staxiness come from? Have we reached capacity for the room or is there still space for more ChiUniFiers?
Sigur Ros probably have some stuff that would fit the bill. Lots of their work is depressing, but there's some uplifting stuff in there too.
These guys never reach the energy level of XTC. Much more like the Beatles laid-back stuff, really. But we have the Beatles, so...
As far as music with lyrics, Sigur Ros is unoffendable.
Listening to "Crystal River" right now. It's pretty good so I might have to hear the whole disc.
This was a fun one. The plastic bag was freaky. Thanks silverknit.
Sonically speaking, this brilliant album can sound very rough at times. Has anyone here heard a remix/remaster of it that is worthy of a listen?
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