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Done. Thanks.
AKG Q701 white - $231 shipped Looks like a nice price for the non-slimer green version:
Looks like a nice price for the non-slimer green version:
What sort of gains would you guys recommend for ER4P, HD25-1, and DT880 (27 - 250 ohms)? I feel like I do like to listen at lower volumes sometimes.
Sorry for the construction traffic, odigg.  We're expanding in preparation for the next time Jude brings this show through town.   The event was super cool.  I didn't have to time to do everything that I wanted to do, but I will mention a few notable experiences:   I don't think I've heard a better IEM than the Westone ES5s, though it's a shame that I lit them on fire (stupid candles).  They gave me a shirt for their troubles, so it's all...
Everything in my life is custom--3x12.8" top hat rack, monogrammed platinum grill, front door shape a la Aqua Teen Hunger Force--except for my headphones.  I recently realized that this would have to change.  No setup that I've tried is quite right for me, and the last thing to try is custom IEMs.  So, after CanJam, I'm going for customs.  Could I come and give yours a listen?         My grill, shown here as an example of my commitment to the custom lifestyle
Autotune The News parts 4 through 7 are amazing.
Just thought I'd add that this video is up for a VMA: 2009 MTV Video Music Awards | Breakthrough Video |
I need to hear me some headphones.
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