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Fiio E11 is about $65 on amazon, shouldnt be that expensive considering you spend $200-300 on the headphones
I have a pair I'm selling, used for not even an hour so pretty much brand new, that I bought off Amazon :)
Am I the only one that hears no bass on these, amp'd? Probably because I'm used to my XB-700's :x
I have a pair of ATH-M50's straight cable, literally brand new. Purchased on Amazon a week ago, tried them out for an hour, didn't like them and put them back in the box. Paid $150 will let go for like $120 
If you don't want to get the XB1000's, you can definitely settle for the XB700's if bass is your priority. When I first got the XB700's and listened to music straight out my iPod, I was unimpressed. I said to myself "Umm, where's the "extra bass" its supposed to have?" I was fairly new to headphones and did my research, figured out I needed to amp these headphones to get to its potential. Once my Fiio E11 came in, i tried them with it, and i was blown away. These things...
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