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This is also how i feel about Sennheiser
Whats your opinion on them?? Anything to compare them to?
I always recommend JVC Marshmallows when it comes to cheap but really good IEMs
How is this compared to the Fiio E11?   You will be amazed at that the sound that comes out of those, it'll make you think they forgot to add another 0 onto the end of the price.
I can do you one better, try out the JVC Marshmallows. This is my go to IEM for BASS, and it costs less than $20 so should be well in your budget.
Can't go wrong with the JVC Marshmallows especially at the dirt cheap price, but don't let it fool you!
I see you have the XB500, how's the bass compared to those?    
I need these damn headphones already. Amazon has had them up for a month already but out of stock, the wait is killing me!
I find the JVC Marshmallows are the best for the price. And they're awesome good with bass, even sub bass is excellent.  Best of all you can find them for as low as $11 on Amazon, usually $20 in stores, $30 for the version with inline mic and volume controls. Trust me, DO NOT let the price fool you.
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