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$200 shipped is pretty much as low as I can go, consider them brand new.
$200 shipped
$220 shipped!!
Up for sale is a pair of Sony MDR-XB1000's, these go for $300+ online and are hard to get.   I've used these less than a handful of times at most so they are pretty much still new.   Comes with the box, adapter, manuals, everything as if you bought it brand new. They are in brand new condition.   I need the money so I'll let these go for $240 + shipping, PayPal only, and add 3% if you don't want to gift.   I can also do a local meet up in NYC for $240...
140 shipped!!!
Still selling 130 shipped!
  $10.95   Priority Mail® Medium Flat Rate Box   That size box is just enough to fix the box of the headphones nice and snug, how about $130.50 + PayPal fees shipped? ($134.75)   PM me if interested.
Right now these are going for $200 on amazon
Barely used pair of Audiotechnica ATH-M50's with straight cable. Took them out the box, used them for not even an hour, and decided they weren't for me. Paid $150 they can be yours for 125, shipped or for local pickup in NYC
Brand new pair of HD595's for sale, purchased from for 190 but never used them so might as well get rid of them. $150 or local pickup in NYC
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