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Quote: Originally Posted by ZARIM I think RSA Mustang P51 + ALO 18AWG CXS or 18AWG jumbo Cryo will bring out the details in mids and overall soundquality will increase further. It's been discussed here IE8 scale up much higher with Quality AMPs, Source and Cables help. Maybe when the funds open up, I can think about a higher end setup. Is there a good amp/LOD combo that can be had for less than $200?
Quote: Originally Posted by Scrivs You made a good choice. So, what do you think of them? I just got these in about 4 hours ago. I thought about going through a proper burn-in, but was too antsy to test these babies out. My first impressions: These blow my SE530's out of the water. Sound quality straight out of the box is everything I wanted those SE530's to be, but it obviously does the job waayyyy better. I like how I can customize the...
I got impatient, so I just bought the IE8s (from price right now). Kind of makes all the noise I wrote above irrelevant. But thanks for the few comments nonetheless.
I'm in Southern California. I know you mentioned that you're in Europe, but I say it's worth a shot. When I reached out to them about my cable problems, they were more than happy to send me replacements free of charge (I had cable problems twice). Maybe they might to the same for you.
I'm new to the forums and am trying to soak up as much info as I can. However, after reading through the first 3 pages (and some searches), I couldn't find anything that addressed my issue, so I thought I'd give a new post a try. Some background I love bass. I listen to a lot of electro and hip hop. My car rocks a 10" JL Audio sub powered by a JL Audio 500w mono amp. I like the "boom" longevity of a hard 808 bass drum in a hip hop song and tight/thumping bass in...
RuiCanela, Have you tried contacting UE directly? I know it might be a pain in the arse to ship from the US, but the times I've needed replacement cables for my EB, I was able to get them for free. It's worth a shot if you haven't tried yet. -RumbleTraq
Razordogdeals lists them for $399. Do you just contact this Brian fellow directly?
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