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I chose USPS (but I'm abroad), shipping was on the week of the 8th (mail received on the 9th, package received by USPS on the 10th), the package has been "processed through the sort facility" since Dec. 11th, didn't change since...
Got one :P
Where did you get this from?Googling that CS4272 chip (Cirrus) gives 24 bit 192kHz, so they capped the sampling for this one?
He could be doing it for himself, like those metal TG335?Also, the Air was revealed on April 1st too, but still came out... We never know
Looks like a scam, the wood looks different in the pictures of the headphones in the wallet from the close-up pictures...
Order 631 and did not receive that email :)
Seems like it is possible to get it customed now: http://www.oriolus.jp/51893.htmlWhich then leads to a cyras.jp page with customisation options.
You can try oriolus directly, if there is no dealer by yours: http://www.oriolus.jp/56499.html(don't know why it states web price of USD 900, while the link then asks for USD 999...)
I can do the intermediary in exchange for a few weeks of loan :P
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