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Hi,   That is very generous, thanks! I am also interested, if possible :) But I would like some details as to what is expected, etc.
I'm interested too, in case it is still available!
 Well, Noble only offered tax + ear impressions at Canjam last week... Didn't they offer 20% on some holidays?
Seems like the stable 1.085 is just out ! (seen on     HM-901 V1.085 and HM-802 V1.003 firmware update Firmware Update Instruction 1. Please download the new firmware zip file first and then copy it to your SD card (Do not change the name of the firmware file or decompress it). Only the FAT32 SD card can be used. 2. While pressing the HOME button, hold the Power key up until the HM-901 is power on. After the screen is on, release the power key. Then...
Nice move, thanks :) Count me in !
Lots of sales in France from today :)
I did this : on the page with all 26 tracks, click on "Buy" for one track, then the page changes, click on "continue shopping" or something like that, you then return to the page with the 26 tracks. Choose two other tracks, and then enter the code, click "Add+", it should then be to $0
Just an update : I received a PM from another head-fier (and he seems to have received my message before)...
Hi,    Since Friday (or Saturday), I have some issues with my PM box : I was told I was sent 2 PMs, but did not and still have not received them... I don't know if the ones I sent have arrived or not though. If you could help me with this, I would be very grateful. One remark also : the time stated in the e-mail is at US time, right? Could it be set to user's time zone? :)   (By the way, thank you very much for this great community :))
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