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 I don't know about 256s in an X5ii, but 200s in an X5i work beautifully.  And 200s are half the price of 256s.... 
I finally had a dropout-free day with my pre-Deoxit 900s.  The corrosion had been getting worse and worse, especially on the right.  Yesterday the right was driving me mad on my daily bike ride - I finally gave up and rode sans music.  Today, I hit my 900s with some WD40 connection cleaner and a bit of 220 grit sandpaper.  Rode for four hours and not a single dropout!!   Now that I've got the dropouts sorted, and the fit issues sorted (orange triple-flange MEEelectronics...
My beloved Michell Gyrodec w/ RB300 and Benz H20  
'fraid so...  BikeActive did a great job of getting me my frame though.  Any reason that route won't work for you?
The 2002 I bought with, the 2013 I bought frame-only via in the UK. 
I'm loving this winter...   Me and my two Oranges (a 2002 Patriot, and a 2013 Five) in Cunningham Park, Queens.    
At the risk of being a pedant, the equalizer also works for 48kHz
It was a pain, but that's what I did.
Large playlists are a problem.  I have a playlist of all 6000+ tracks on my X5 (no, I don't know why either), and it takes two and a half minutes to open.
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