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I'll be there with my dinky little Clip Zip / FiiO E6 and a load of FLACs.  I recently stepped up to the $400 level in both over-ear and in-ears (P7 and UE900) and I'm looking forward to seeing what lies beyond... 
RockJaw TMJ
15.2kg 13.7kg 16.0kg
I just received a brand new pair of 900s from Logitech. No sign of maintenance gel though, and the packaging still says 2 year warranty...  Anyway, off with the tips, off with the cable, on with the FiiO cable, on with the medium Comply TSX200s, on with La Vie En Rose (Grace Jones), and I'm happy again.   I hope this pair lasts longer than the first pair... 
Race day in New York tomorrow!!   The high school mountain bike team that I coach (go NYCranks!!) will be attending our first race at Sprain Ridge in Yonkers, NY.   I'm not sure how competitive my guys will be, but we're certainly going to have a blast!
Random comment: I wish they sold a blue cable without the iPod tumor.
They still have qc problems.  I'm waiting for a shipping label to send mine back.  I'm going to try a new pair because I love the sound, but if the second pair goes bad, I'll return them, write off the cash I spent on Comply foams and a FiiO cable, and get a pair of custom 1964s instead.
I have a selection of Frankie Knuckles remixes lined up for today's commute. RIP Frankie, you will be missed....        
 I always need to EQ IEMs (but not headphones - weird) so they sound good on whatever player has a decent EQ.   So that's Foobar on the PC or Rockbox on the Clip Zip.
It changes day by day, but one that I keep coming back to is Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode.  
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