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Just got my Lyr. So far I'm blown away by the power this monster has! Straight off, I noticed increase in bass extension and quantity. Yes even on the K701s! It is a warm sounding amp; soundstage is wider than my STX and instrument separation is better, not night and day but it's definitely noticeable.  The denon d2000s sound even better. I didn't know they can produce so much controlled bass at high volumes. Just amazing! I can finally bear the applause at the end on...
You should check out the Schiit Lyr. 6moons reviewed it and said it matched extremely well with the K701. I'll be getting my Schiit Lyr in a day or two. I will post my impressions here about the combo.   From my experience, the AKGs tend to distort at high volume. This is from the headphone out on my STX and my NAD C165 preamp. They really need a good amp to open up. Hopefully the Lyr and its power will solve that.   I've read amazing things about the K701/702...
I will be receiving the Lyr soon. I bought it for the AKG K701s. I'll post my impressions here about the combo. The AKGs need a good amp to come alive else all you get is distortion at high volume.  
Thanks leesure! I noticed you have the bifrost in your inventory. How is it? Is it worth the money? I am using the STX as the DAC right now and imho, i couldn't distinguish the STX and the Cambridge audio dacmagic in terms of SQ.
My Lyr is on it's way! Can't wait! I have a question about setup.   I have a NAD C165 preamp and right now my setup is STX->RCA->NAD   If I set up the Lyr:  STX->RCA->NAD->pre-out->Lyr, will it affect the sound quality?   The NAD's pre out is 75 ohms. The other option is having a splitter to connect both, the preamp and the Lyr to the STX.  
I've already swapped the stock op-amps with LME49720. I doubt it's a faulty board or setup issue. I know it's lack of power or something since, for me to hear the distortion while using the headphone out on the NAD, I have to go noticeably louder than the STX.   2 o'clock on the NAD is louder than foobar max volume + extra high gain setting.   
As DarknightDK said, both are important but I think you would hear a noticeable difference if you get yourself a decent headphone amp. Just know that "more expensive" doesn't necessarily mean better sound quality. I had a Woo audio 6 w/ the sophia princess tube and I couldn't notice a difference between the asus STX and it.   The STX cost me $200 The WA6 cost me $800   You might want to check out the Matrix M stage or the Asgard by Schiit. Schiit has a 15 day money back...
Ooo, which burson did you buy? HA-160? I'm thinking of getting that. I've read marvellous things about it's lower end authority and how well it handles dynamic attack oriented music. I just wish I could demo them before spending all that money.  
Hmm. Thats weird. I only have interference from the RCA outs. the headphone out is perfect.     I have tried with many well recorded songs. Patricia barber, Rebecca pidegeon, Chuck Mangione. It's just a lot easier to pick up with fast music. Are the AKG's even capable of playing bass heavy music without distortion? I can't see them being driven to high volume with some hip-hop or top 40 music lol. The drivers seem so light!  
  Directly connected to the STX, foobar internal volume is maxed out. But at that volume it distorts, so I lower it to around -6db.  Sample rate is 192Khz OS: win7 x64 I don't use any modes. ASIO disables the entire xonar audio centre except for the Main tab. Anyways, I checked my settings and they are all off. The card is in the last PCI-E slot (x16) I have a water-cooled SLI setup so I had to switch it form the PCI-E x1 to the x16 at the bottom. Motherboard is an Asus...
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