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Custom titles should all be there. Here's one, for example. Please let us know if any didn't make it. Would be happy to fix.   Very excited to be a part of Head-Fi!   EDIT: bigs thanks to those who reported missing titles. Looks like we missed a few somehow. Investigating! We'll get them all... feel free to PM me if you are missing yours. 
Music from Braid (the video game). Awesome stuff...!
Quote: Originally Posted by AlexinExile So who knows what the "i" in the original "iMac" stood for? It stood for "I am the most important person in the world and I want a product that speaks directly to meeeeeeeeeeeee"
Interesting to note that, according to the Wikipedia article on "Wi-Fi," the "fi" part of Wifi means absolutely nothing. "Wi" obviously means "wireless" but "fi" literally came out of nowhere - it just rhymed with hi-fi. But "fidelity" of signal is a dubious networking concept at best. Wi-Fi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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