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Verdi's Requiem by Georg Solti and the Vienna Phil with Sutherland, Pavarotti and pals is pretty good in my opinion: (UK Link)
Just want to name some from my bank of music, in order from most subjectively flawless to less-but-still-quite flawless (linked with what I think is the best track in the album, because let's face it, sometimes one part of the album is more flawless than other parts combined): The Beatles - Abbey Road Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited (No link for this because of the capitalist bastards patrolling youtube) Porcupine Tree - Fear Of A Blank Planet (Though this album...
lol, Mahler's 6th, I don't know what was more hilarious about it, the giant hammer or the off stage cowbells that sounded like someone was constantly tripping up while carrying a pile of plates
Crayons can melt for all I care - Relient K, just for the irony   Edit: For those who don't understand, see: I just wasted 10 seconds of your life
Quote: Originally Posted by Maxvla  Familiar as in I've performed it before. I play the viola and listen to classical music all day at work (since I work in a violin shop other music is not really a good idea).   Then you are excused, haha.   And yeah, Code Geass was just epic, it was just an epic anime that provided so many different forms of entertainment, it was ridiculous and good, then in the second season it got ridiculous and sorta bad, then...
This might be the music you're looking for: It's anime, I know, but if I'm guessing right, this should be more in the vein for the music you're looking for, most of the related also have choirs. What you can also have a look at Hans Zimmer's Inception album, mind-blowing movie, mind-blowing album, though has no choir which you are looking for.
While my favourites are Abbey Road and White album, none of the Beatle's albums are actually bad, and in my opinion any of their albums is a good starting/continuing position for people to get into their music.   Warning: Anything is good, EXCEPT Yellow Submarine. There's like what? 6 actual song in there?
Actually, I can't believe I forgot these: And to save space:   And yes, I know I'm spamming Code Geass somewhat
Yeah, erm... Beethoven's 9th, sit down, enjoy, and subsequently jizz.   Edit: By familiar, do you mean you've listened to all of it? or just a crappy snip bit that was cliche-rised by culture? It absolutely pains me when I see a "Simply Beethoven" boxset in HMV and to find only the 4th Movement on its own, the 4th movement is absolutely nothing without the glory of the 1st, the technical showpiece of the second, and the pacing of the 3rd. (Yes, it is ironic since the...
Pretty much everything by Massive Attack's got deep, deep bass. Though the "How To Destroy Angels" EP by the titular band is not light on bass either.
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