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 Would there be a noticeable improvement in sound quality with the Fiio E10K or would it simply get louder?
What amp would you recommend for the retina MBP for less than 250USD? I read that macbookpros have pretty good DACs so I only really need an amp. Is it true? I am mainly planning to use it with my B&W P7 which I read that benefits from amping. Thanks.
 I see... :( I was considering the MDR-10R as it had replaceable cables. (I always damage my headphone cables)
The MDR-10R has proprietary cables? I thought they use 3.5mm jack at both ends.
I heard that the P5 was mainly designed for portable music players, meaning that they sound in iPods but cant get the full potential of an amp. Hopefully the P7 will be a true 'hi-fi' headphone.
Still cheaper than AKG K3003    Good to see that Shure is innovating new technologies
Yeah... I remember when companies were racing to cram the most BA drivers into an earpiece.
From the advertisement, it is obvious that Yamaha was copying Dr.Dre, which is quite sad.   Yamaha's reputation will probably take a hit after this (at least for me) .
I own an X10 for about 4 years now, and they still are one of my favorite! As others have mentioned it, the X10 should be a significant upgrade from cheap earphones, so you might be doing something wrong...   Have you tried using other sources to drive the X10? like a comptuer, friend's iPod ... and see wether it sound the same.
Interesting how Sennheiser choses to stay with dynamic drivers.
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